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  1. I have a point of view where it's like, I don't want to know.  I am interested in the avatar and the avatar alone.  I don't want to meet in rl, just want to get my rocks on sl. I really don't want to be thinking if the girl I am with is really a guy because that will freak me out, so I never ask and I don't think about it all.  That's just me.  For me, on sl I am more int the muscular women avatars, so in that world it gets a little dicey since most of them are professed "lesbians" because most of the places that they hang out out treat male avatars like garbage.  So I know, alright some of them have to be guys because there is no way there is that many female admirers of muscular women, just not statistically possibly.  But I'm not going to ask or make a case of it, although I assume that the ones who charge for services are likely guys, but I can not confirm or deny.

  2. I kind of find it a hot if a girl asks in im if I am wanking it in real life.  So for me it's a turn on, but as you said this is more for the ladies.  I never ask, I mean, if they are still playing then that's cool.  After the event I may ask: How was it?  And I'll get usually responses it was fun, or "I came twice" etc.  Who knows if they really did, but so what, I mean as long as you get something out of it I could care less if the other person did.

  3. I'm trying.  But it's like I can't even get a hold of LL about the problem.  I even uninstalled Viewer 2 and re-installed it.  Same problem!  It logs you in, then crashes then makes you wait to log in again.  It's so annoying!  I was just on it an hour ago!

  4. I tried updating to the beta driver and it is still an issue.

    Don't get me wrong I can log in on low graphics with little problem.  But I used to be able to come in on high graphics no problem.  The game is a lot better on high graphics.  Nvidia is hardly any help whatsoever.  I even tried different viewers, now I am getting the same problem with firestorm!

  5. I have been thinking of upgrading a card.  I have an NVIDIA GeForce GT430   I'm looking for something that would be better, but all these model numbers confuse the hell out of me.  My basic PC information is here...

    CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXi210 Desktop PC with Intel Core i5-2400 Processor

    3.10 GHZ

    8 GB RAM 64 Bit Operating System

    Would love if anyone could give me some ideas.  I try going to newegg.com to look at things, I'm not willing to shell out for something that is like over 200 bucks.  But something where I can run and fight on Second Life even in high settings would be nice.

  6. I don't really know how to solve this problem.  I have a relatively newer computer, a good video card and yet for some reason, when I try to log in on my main avatar, the program loads loads loads then crashes.  It works on other viewers but I like Viewer 2 (or 3 whatever) because it has most of what I need with less lag.  It seems to work after I manually clear cache but I hate to always have to do this and wonder if A) do other people have this issue and B) if there is some other way to fix it?

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