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  1. I have a point of view where it's like, I don't want to know.  I am interested in the avatar and the avatar alone.  I don't want to meet in rl, just want to get my rocks on sl. I really don't want to be thinking if the girl I am with is really a guy because that will freak me out, so I never ask and I don't think about it all.  That's just me.  For me, on sl I am more int the muscular women avatars, so in that world it gets a little dicey since most of them are professed "lesbians" because most of the places that they hang out out treat male avatars like garbage.  So I know, alright some of them have to be guys because there is no way there is that many female admirers of muscular women, just not statistically possibly.  But I'm not going to ask or make a case of it, although I assume that the ones who charge for services are likely guys, but I can not confirm or deny.

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