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  1. It really sounds like a failure of the page down key on your keyboard. If it's not stuck, then it's probably broken somehow, or has dirt under it.
  2. Kupra is such a unique body shape, you will not get clothes for any other body to fit, with or without alphas (unless the clothing covers you completely from neck to wrists and ankles). I would suggest saving up some money to get clothes made to fit, and until you have enough, switch to a free body with a closer-to-normal shape. If you can spare L$200, then Lucybody is the best bet - it fits clothes made for Maitreya so you'll have no shortage of free clothes to keep you going. The body itself is free but it's about L$200 for the BOM installer. (A bit of marketing evil genius there). If you can't spare even L$200 then I would suggest getting the free version of ebody (curvy or classic - available in their own store and at Free Dove). There are a few free and cheap things for ebody - not many, but more than you'll find for Kupra at present, with Kupra being so new. You can't use alpha masks with ebody though, and you're limited to only very basic alpha cuts via the hud.
  3. I am looking for a short term (a few days, not likely to be more than a week) donation of 186sq.m tier for my group, to avoid jumping into the next pay grade while I make some changes to my land holdings. I am willing to pay - please contact me by PM here or inworld with your offer and allow me to invite you to my group.
  4. I have the free Ebody and I can confirm that (most of) the neck sizes are disabled on the hud. The free version has only "Small" and "Large", which I presume equate to 0 bodyfat and probably 24. The paid-for section of the hud has a range of numbered sizes from 0 to 48, but those are disabled on the free one. With a mesh head it doesn't matter what your bodyfat is; the neck will fit regardless, which is why most head and body makers have dropped these settings altogether. Honestly, the OP would be better off picking up a freebie or dollarbie mesh head rather than trying to make the body work with the classic head.
  5. I see this quite a lot especially in the furry community. It generally means that they use a variety of different avatars and don't have one fixed appearance all the time. In the furry community, it often means that they can appear as several different animals rather than having one particular "fursona". I would class myself as a shapeshifter - although I have only one "fursona", I'm often human, or a blend of the two. A were-horse, I guess.
  6. I think they would probably end up with the old homes continuing to exist in smaller numbers by deleting unoccupied regions and consolidating existing and new residents into fewer regions. They could probably manage with just one of those continents instead of four. But I don't think they will ever be removed completely. Bellisseria alone would never be enough.
  7. I've only ever had one job in SL, in the very early years I was a furniture-maker. I dropped out when mesh arrived because I couldn't learn how to make it. That moment was just about the worst part of my SL employment history. I really miss it.
  8. If the off-brand heads are built to the standard SL template (which I presume most are) then the skins to look for are those made for Genus and Catwa HDPro. Both of those heads also use the standard template (Lelutka doesn't, not even the old Lelutka, and old Catwa doesn't either).
  9. The only circumstance in mainland when you can't build what you want is when it doesn't physically fit, either because the parcel is too small or the ground is not flat enough. You may be thinking of mainland communities like Campbell Coast. If you rent there, then obviously you're subject to the landlord's rules. But if you buy, there is absolutely nothing else preventing you from building what you want. You may choose to be polite and build in-theme, but there's nothing forcing you to. Which is why I think the owner of Campbell Coast is patently daft for offering parcels for sale instead of rent only.
  10. For me, renting on a private island is like living in a little prison. I need the feeling of being connected to a wider world, I hate being surrounded by unsailable void in all directions. So I am either on regular mainland or Bellisseria, and I tend to switch between them every few months or so. I like mainland for the freedom to use my own houses, I like Bellisseria for the extra land capacity (the house itself doesn't count towards your 351 so you're effectively getting a LI bonus). When I buy mainland, I buy cheap, then I don't feel bad when I change my mind and abandon (though I did sell my last one for a small profit, which was nice). I was very lucky a week or so ago to find a nice parcel of mainland for just L$500 (under L$0.5 per sq.m) and aside from one neighbour with a large castle, which I have derendered, it's a pretty nice area. I am tempted to ask for some abandoned land to link my parcel to the road but that's going to raise my tier and I'm not sure it's worth it.
  11. *facepalm* that's what I forgot.
  12. Definitely recommend Jake now, it's leapfrogged to the top of the list and Gianni is now doomed to death, IMO.
  13. I tried it out and my fear is confirmed; removing parts from the body make the entire hud useless as it no longer recognises the body as valid. Which means I am gonna have to repeat the whole process and save a separate body (or at least separate hands) for every nail polish that I want to use, and I am also going to need to buy a third party bento hand animator. Nope right out of that.
  14. I think maybe Tricky does the bodies and Shyla does the skins (or some of them)
  15. My concern with doing this is that it will disable use of the HUD. I don't mind losing the ability to use the alpha sections, and feet height I can wear separately as you suggested, but what about other things on the hud like hand position (which I find I still have to re-set every time I log in), nail texture & nipple texture (yes I could mod them for tint, but I don't have access to the textures). Does removing all the unwanted pieces disable those features too or is it only hiding alpha sections that is lost?
  16. My original Jake body was 2017 and yes I got a redelivery. But there are 2 Belleza sellers and 2 redelivery terminals in the store. Did you check them both?
  17. I currently have only my Belliseria home but I have some lovely houses in my inventory that I'd like to use and I'm itching for more mainland again, so I may raise my tier again soon.
  18. There should be a small rez zone every couple of regions in roads, rather like there is one in the corner of every region in the Blake Sea. Lack of rez zones is the only reason I don't explore mainland by road (except when I hop into a pod)
  19. Yes, except for the last bolded part. Anything you create from scratch (with prims you rez inworld, mesh you make in Blender and textures you make in Photoshop), which is a creation purely out of your own imagination and does not look like any character from a movie, comic etc, or a real-life brand of car etc, can be freely sold and you retain the copyright to those. Combining other avatars... if the pieces of those avatars are made by someone else, then the copyright for those pieces still belongs with the original creator. If they are full perm, they may be licensed for resale - read the documentation and the terms of sale for that particular piece. You may be allowed to sell avatars made form those pieces, or you may not. - it depends what is licensed by the creator of the piece.
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