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  1. I have two sandy beach parcels on waterfront that I'm willing to sell. Both 1024m, in Relleri, Nautilus continent, on north coast, plenty of sailing access, can easily get all the way to Corsica from here, and as far as the Blake Sea (via the Corsica coast) if you're patient enough. Most of the surrounding land is hilly and abandoned. Beach cabins included, keep or return as you wish. Both listed for L$9000 but open to reasonable offers. Parcel 1 is mostly flat low-lying beach with a small amount of water on the north side. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Relleri/80/214/2
  2. I'm late to this, but its a very interesting thread. I've lived in almost every type of land in SL - on private island rental, on regular mainland, and Linden homes old and Bellisserian. On the whole, regular mainland is my favourite, Bellisseria second, a good private estate third and old style LL homes last. This is my view too. Islands feel isolated. Even the ones that are part of larger multi-region estates often give an impression of isolation; no roads or rivers, you're stuck in your own parcel and everywhere else is private and rented by someone else. Unless its attached to
  3. Amazed that Venice is still around. It was one of the first places I visited in SL, way back in 2006 and I thought it was incredible back then. Another "blast from the past" that's great for a date or a group outing with friends is the SS Galaxy which is now moored off the coast of Bellisseria.
  4. You know, when I was a little kid, there was another kid my age who lived on my street, we were about 7 years old at the time. And this other kid, she was incapable of imaginitive play. She just could not grasp the concept of "make-believe" or "fiction" or "imagination". Similar to aphantasia I guess, but maybe broader in scope. I wonder if some people in SL are like that. They can't separate SL from RL because they can't comprehend a concept that is "not RL". I can't compehend what it must be like to lack that capability.
  5. And that is exactly why I don't share anything about my RL. The way I want, is to be someone different for a while. That's why I am in SL. I want to be different from RL, that's why I'm frequently a furry. The internet is full of different social medias for "being yourself" and sharing RL. Second Life wasn't created for doing that, Philip Rosedale's vision was a platform where people could use and express their imaginations in any way they wanted, however bizarre or unlike RL. It wasn't until fairly recently that the viewer even included the facility to connect with external social media.
  6. As long as you keep "no public build" and "no object entry" on your own land, it shouldn't impact your business at all.
  7. For me it depends what they mean. If they tell me something's wrong, like part of me isn't rezzing, or I have splayed fingers or something like that, I'll try to fix it (refresh attachments, re-start my AO or whatever). Often, it's not possible to see that sort of thing on yourself so the only way to know if something needs fixing is when they tell you. But if someone tries to tell me I'm "too fat" or "too manly" or I should wear something "more revealing" or something of that sort, they can take a long walk off a short pier, and I'll tell them so (with language that wouldn't be allowed h
  8. I'm not familiar with V-Tech specifically but if the skin is Omega only, you need to buy the V-Tech Omega installer. Second Life Marketplace - Omega System Kit - V-Tech Buy it, unpack it, wear it, wear the chest mod at the same time, click the Omega installer. Then wear the skin applier and click it. You may also have to buy the Omega installer for Maitreya as well, if you haven't already done so. If your skin has BOM layers as well, you don't need to use Omega, just use BOM. (if there's a chest in the pack labelled BOM, use that. If not, make a copy, wear it, right-click >
  9. Actually you reminded me of another, though it's going back a few years. I went to a Victorian-themed adult roleplay which required avatars to be properly sized and proportioned. I only went the one time because they required a substantial fee to join the group for full access, and it went out of business after a short while. I guess not enough people wanted to pay that much.
  10. After almost 15 years in SL, and 14 of those years with a male avatar, and male in RL, I can confirm that guys like this are evenly distributed in any non-adult groups. They're in groups that follow DJs and clubs (especially ones playing old-fashioned music like jazz or 1960s themes). Groups for educational or charity organisations. Groups for hobbies. Literally anything and everything that's non-sexual (and not fashion/shopping-related either). What you will not find is any groups specifically and solely for guys like that, because we don't tend to congregate with each other based on appeara
  11. Actually it doesn't, because online status is the one thing that can never be hidden regardless of whether they're on your friends list or not. If you don't want someone to know that you're online at all, then you have to use an alt. And make sure that NONE of your friends know about your alt, because it's likely that one of them is blabbing.
  12. The clothes are real but the avatars are not. They're probably made in something like DAZ, not inworld. They will probably be using an exported body-shape of one of the big brands but the heads, skins and hair will be external assets only. Or else they are morphs using RL photographs. You would not want avatars that realistic in SL, unless you are happy to count your frame-rate in minutes or hours instead of seconds.
  13. Here's my take on Ecru. I love how delicate and fae-like this colour is.
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