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  1. This version of my avatar is made up of separate parts; the skin is from an older furry avatar, I made my own textures for the head and feet. The head and tail are from the Cerberus Demihoss, the hooves are the Dainty Horse feet from Sweet Elite.
  2. I use Hourglass, and actually you can use both together, if you use the original (non-Redux) version. This version can be converted to BOM the old-fashioned way, using the Omega relay from Omega Solutions. So you can then use a BOM skin and tattoo layers, with applier layers over the top. The only drawback to this, is it will not accept system alphas, you can only use the hud for alpha. It is never possible, with any body, to have any BOM at all if you have an applier skin. That applies to all bodies including Slink and Maitreya. I set this version up for myself to use just in case
  3. This makes me think that the MP ought to include the upload date of the item. A lot of stuff on the MP has no reviews at all.
  4. I have the Kalhene body and most Maitreya clothing fits well. The only issue is with high-waisted pants; the Kalhene body is much slimmer in the waist than Maitreya. You need to look for clothes labelled to fit "Classic" or "Standard sizes". Most of it will be older stuff, not many creators make these any more. They will have their own special alpha layers included. Don't throw away the clothing you've already bought though. One day you'll almost certainly buy a mesh body that fits at least some of them.
  5. My first thought is that he can't show another pic because the pic he already showed you isn't of himself. Yes I think you're right to be suspicious. Wanting to rush into being exclusive then making odd excuses why he can't share a pic. I mean, really, even if he doesn't have a discord account or any other social media, anyone can use something like gyazo or imgur for free. He's also rude. No wonder he's single (and desperate).
  6. You all have inspired me so I made a mural on my new Stilt (yes I gave up the chalet - though I love them, I love being on water better). One on the outside... And one on the inside.
  7. You flew right over me while I was sailing down that river . I was looking for boat rez points, and it seems there are only two; one in the middle at Running Bear and one at the north end in Buffalo Springs. There is no rez point at the southern end of the river but there is one nearby in the Stilts at Tiki Twilight. A couple of things bother me about this whole map issue. First, the person apparently working on it previously was Oz, who is no longer employed by the Lab. Second, now that a resident (thanks @Eddy Ofarrel) has stepped up to the plate, makes me wonder if LL will not ev
  8. I didn't forget last week but I did struggle to find something silver, and ended up having to buy something new. But hey, it was L$1 so I'm not going to complain! Blue was much easier.
  9. I got a chalet in Alpen Springs. Haven't done much in it yet but I like it.
  10. There doesn't need to be. Once a group notice is in place, any member can go into the group notices and pick it up from there as often as they need to, for a whole two weeks. Self-service "Redelivery" is already built-in to the way groups work. If two weeks isn't enough to give everyone a chance then Catwa needs only to post a second notice 2 weeks after the first. The only reason I can see for not doing this is that she won't get that L$1 per head from the 15,000 or so members who are already members of the Catwa groups, so she would lose out on about US$60. Linden Lab should bill
  11. Same error for me too. I guess free heads on the MP isn't such a great idea after all.
  12. Another trick is right-click and "Attach To" and pick an attachment point that is not the right hand. Vary the point chosen so you don't wear multiple things on the same point. I use pecs for tops, shoulders for jackets, hips for skirts and pants, feet for shoes. The point you choose doesn't matter for rigged mesh, it will go to the right place on your avatar no matter what attachment point you choose. However, unrigged mesh and non-mesh you should leave them where they are.
  13. There's no reason why you have to drop out; there are still bodies which allow both options. Maitreya being the main one. Legacy too, I believe (though I don't own that one). It's only a thing I do because I chose Slink - if it's a bother for you then simply don't choose Slink.
  14. Is Amacci still around? They certainly used to have a style like that with a system layer hairbase and attached bun (which would be copy/mod so you could make two and shrink one to get that double-bun effect). Ooh yes they are, and they still do it; Second Life Marketplace - Amacci Hair Attachment ~ Knot - Dark Brown Pack
  15. I'm using Slink Redux which is BOM only- there are no alpha cuts on the hud at all. There is a "Classic" body included, which does include an alpha hud, and I have converted this to BOM as well, just in case I ever needed to use it. So far, I haven't. The Classic version can't use alpha masks. This is also the case with Belleza which is what I started with. I would much rather have BOM-only than HUD-only. Inbetween I had Kalhene, which I gather is the same as Maitreya in that you can use either. But I don't like the body shape of either Kalhene or Maitreya as much as I like Hourglass. I a
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