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  1. Yes thats what I wanted to do. A sign-up session so that a avatar has access to a specific content. So that would be possible only with llTextbox or trying the work around suggest by Vick. Thanks a lot for the insights Ansariel Hiller and Vick Forcella!
  2. But this proxy then would capture the avatar name or ID? What I dont understand is if the "web" streammed inside the prim doesnt know who is click how can the proxy log the information about the avatar. This can be very useful for collaboration or e-learning tools.
  3. Hello, Does anyone know if it is possible to capture the avatar name or ID when this avatar is surfing on the web inside an object. When the avatar touches the object I know it is possible to get this information. But when he is surfing on internet thru an object this still possible? If so what is the command? thanks a lot,
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