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  1. I feel like there is an assumption here that traffic is the best measure of what makes a sim worth visiting. Personally the number of people for me is not an influencing decision as to why I would visit a sim. I am interested in quality of interaction over quantity. I am also interested in the quality of the sim in general, what types of activities there are. What is the build like? Will I enjoy looking at it? Will my computer run it? I think it is unfortunate that so much emphasis is given to traffic in region search and lends itself to a lot of people making bot accounts to game it instead of putting effort into their sim.
  2. My pet peeve is people who alt cam-teleport sit into skyboxes that I'm in. It's like, it just seems rude and intrusive to barge in, I mean most of the time these people I would have let them in if they had requested teleport or if they had im'd me to ask 'mind if I join you' or any form of courtesy really. The worst is when you're having a private conversation with a friend and they're sharing personal things or you're sharing personal things with them and you get interrupted like this.
  3. You should pay for shapes only if you specifically think you should pay for shapes. The beauty of the SecondLife market and the way SL works is that it is your choice whether you want to make a shape yourself, ask a friend to help you, find free shapes or find ones people are selling. It's better to have options and not use them than to not have options at all.
  4. aren't most of SL's girls men playing girls?
  5. The title of this thread made me giggle
  6. This thread makes me think of those people who turn up to fancy clubs looking like hobos and then picking a fight with a bouncer because they were asked to smarten up.
  7. Some people struggle with sending structured data between one object and another and resort to using multiple messages which is a bit slower. Below is a simple example that demonstrates how to send structured data from one object to another as a json encoded string, and then decode the json back in the receiver. In this case, I am sending my name, my age, and a list of my hobbies in one string. Sender Object's Script string avatarName = "Ai"; integer avatarAge = 11; list avatarHobbies = ["Mesh modelling","Scripting"]; default { touch_start(integer num_detected) { list json_values = [ "avatarName", avatarName, "avatarAge", avatarAge, "avatarHobbies", llList2Json(JSON_ARRAY, avatarHobbies) ]; string json = llList2Json(JSON_OBJECT, json_values); llSay(10, json); } } Receiver Object's Script default { state_entry() { llListen(10, "", NULL_KEY, ""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { string avatarName = llJsonGetValue(message, ["avatarName"]); integer avatarAge = (integer) llJsonGetValue(message, ["avatarAge"]); list avatarHobbies = llJson2List(llJsonGetValue(message, ["avatarHobbies"])); llOwnerSay( "Avatar Name: " + avatarName + "\nAvatar Age: " + (string)avatarAge + "\nAvatar Hobbies: " + llList2CSV(avatarHobbies)); } } As you can see, the script remains fairly readable. I leave the nitty gritty of why this works as an exercise to the reader, however I think the above examples should be enough for most readers to get to where they want to be without being overwhelmed. Pro's and Cons The main benefit of sending data as Json between objects is that it is possible to send complex structured data in a single message. It makes it easy to add values without breaking existing systems too. A significant drawback is that parsing Json is slower as the message must be decoded by the server. Alternatives If you are looking to just send a flat unstructured list of data between one object and another, the best option is to use llList2CSV to convert a list to a CSV encoded string, and llCSV2List to convert it back in the receiver.
  8. What kind of mod are you making? Utilizator provides a mesh dummy/armature setup in a .blend file usually linked to inside his product notecards. You need a basic understanding of mesh modelling to make a 3D mod. You could watch some of Blender Guru's beginner tutorials on YouTube to get an idea for how to 3d model in Blender. You would then need to learn to rig your mesh model (a process that controls how the mesh moves with bones) which there are tutorials out there for. I should warn you you are embarking on a big adventure, expect to encounter challenges, but I encourage you to persevere because once you learn these things you can make so much in SL it's a very valuable skill to have
  9. I noticed that when I clicked on a section on the forum, I saw 'Sending request to Facebook' in the corner of my browser whilst the page took a suspisciously long time to load. When turning on strict mode in Firefox, thusly disabling social media trackers, cross site cookies etc I note the forum page loads much faster. I do not think that any data regarding my SecondLife forum activity should be going to Facebook, nor should my browser be connecting to Facebook when visiting the SecondLife forum, especially in light of notable privacy scandals in recent history. So why is that request being made, and what data is being sent?
  10. Speaking from the position of someone who is making their own sim that would one day I hope to host a community, there's a difference in perception regarding people 'living' on sim between me and others:- Most people here are saying that by having a home in their RP sim of choice, they would be more likely to stay there longer (implying, it would make it more active) From my perception, I've always had the feeling that, there are a lot of RP sims I've visited, where everyone is scattered across the map in private homes or on their own in general, creating a sort of 'wild west' atmosphere where everyone is there but nobody is participating together. There are certain sims I visit where it actually begins to feel genuinely a bit spooky and actually serves to amplify the feeling that you're an outsider. One thing I've in the past considered is allowing people to move into 'doors' (I wouldn't charge for this) and let people 'connect' their 'doors' to their own off-sim parcels wherever on the grid they might be. That way people could have their own privacy (which I could not offer in my sim in my case because the layout of my sim isn't appropriate for parcels), and still feel like they are 'connected' to the sim in some way, but I am not sure how people would feel about this sort of arrangement?
  11. I was a kid and learning AutoCAD at school I looked at the software menus and thought that 'extrude' sounded like a cool name. These were pre-mesh days in SecondLife. Oh if I knew I would be pressing the extrude key in Blender every single day in 6 years time....
  12. I can't recommend you a specific computer because I do not know where you are from and do not know what retail outlets are local to you or what your budget is. When shopping: 1. Look for computers with dedicated graphics cards (typically, these are labelled as Nvidia, Radeon graphics) and avoid Intel Graphics. 2. Make sure the machine in question comes with at least 8GB of RAM or greater. 3. Make sure the PC has a modern processor such as an Intel i5 or i7. Nerdy stuff Knowing if a GPU or CPU is fast can be tricky for the uninitiated. When looking at PC's you are considering buying you can look at 'Benchmarks' for GPU's and CPU's which grade their performance. Comparing Graphics cards. https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu_list.php Comparing processors. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php You basically want to find a machine that gives you the best performance both in processing (CPU) and graphics (GPU) for your money.
  13. So I'm in the midst of setting up a new store on an alt account, and was wondering if the forum has an area appropriate for store owners to show off new products?
  14. Well I mean I've been paying full sim tier for basically 5 years off just a few good products that everybody like to buy. It just takes a little bit of market research finding a niche to serve. I haven't paid money into SecondLife once in all the time I've run my sim but manage to meet the tier for a full sim just fine. I do have a full time job as a software engineer as well. I've update my shop maybe 2 or 3 times a year and if your products are easy enough to use customer support is needed rarely. Never participated in a fair or done marketing just rely on word on mouth, people tend to find stuff they want by themselves. Maybe it's not for everyone, but to say it's not possible to do is simply not true
  15. This is what caused me to just start meshing everything in my sim myself 😅 At first it was a lot of work because I was unfamiliar with the tools. But after it felt like I had unlocked this giant canvas for me to paint on. Creating with friends is the best. Find someone who likes to wark wark and screen share with them it's a nice past time.
  16. I created this PDF once to give to people who make clothes for my chest mod. It's mostly the same as Wulfies advice but one thing that I additionally showed was the concept of painting a 'crease guide' to help inform topology flow whilst retopologizing against the flat model. https://mega.nz/file/c99iHICD#BS03_LaT5yKt8vOqxzOPCejRSHTbQIa2ToNxCaSeoa4
  17. Typing from memory: Create a new material in 2.8 and assign it to faces the normal way. Underneath, under base color you got a color and a dot on the right. Click the dot, select 'image texture', new image texture. That'll be the texture you're gonna bake too. Head over to render tab. If it's set to evee set it back to cycles. You should now see the Bake section where you can bake ao etc as before.
  18. A lot of people here talking about the expense of paying for land, and how they spend so much money only for their sim to look the same as others. My personal experience is that as long as you have a few well-selling marketplace listings, it's not too difficult to then go on to pay for a large parcel or a sim from marketplace sales. I would suggest getting good at creating in general. You can then create unique assets for your sim which is an extremely valuable skill and gets you into the habit of designing things in detail. Selling things to people on the market is far more profitable than renting land ever will be.
  19. I think self discipline/reliance are admirable qualities. Looking cute is gud too
  20. For me it's sitting next to my friends in sl, discord screen sharing with my partner whilst we both wark wark, making 3d models to fill our sim and sell and watching each other at various points get distracted playing games
  21. Never had performance problems on Lumiya for Android. I don't think 3d performance is as bad on this generation of smartphones as previous ones
  22. I think that, for creators of bodies like Maitreya etc the idea that the issue is the uploader is null and void. These people make obscene amounts of money spinning out gacha items constantly they can afford to spend time to do some re-topology, they simply don't because most users don't know better and thus don't demand better. Personally I think the antidote to this problem is to get more people creating. The more people are making things themselves, the more awareness there is of what makes quality items, and takes people out of this 'just take what is given' mindset as they can do better themselves.
  23. I would recommend against a while(TRUE) loop, as an infinite loop like this means that the script will use 100% of the Server's CPU resource given to it, making it laggy. It also means that any other event handlers in the script (ie, touch_start, collison etc) will not run as events are queued whilst code is running and a while(TRUE) loop never stops running. Instead you can get the same performance, whilst still letting the server process events by running the same code inside a fast running timer. EG default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(1.0 / llGetRegionFPS()); } timer() { llSetTimerEvent(1.0 / llGetRegionFPS()); // Continually adjust to current simulator framerate. // Do the stuff inside the while(TRUE) loop here instead } }
  24. This turns out to be deeply complicated. From what I've read, agents that sit on an object are not attached to the child prim they sit on, but rather the object as a whole. That means that the agent is actually being treated as a separate link and is rotating around the root like a child prim would. In order for the agent to appear to remain on the object, the agent would not only need to be rotated like the child prim, but would also need to be moved so that it's position offset relative to the child prim is rotated around the child prims axis (Oh mama..) I'd guess you would need to hook the changed event to detect when agent(s) sit on the object, and figure out which prim they're supposed to be sat on. This'll be whatever child prim is closest, which could be figured out by using llVecDist against agent local position/all child prims local position (PRIM_POS_LOCAL) to figure out which is nearest. You'd then save the inferred child prim, the rotation of the child prim at the time the agent sat on it, the agent offset relative to that prim, the agents intial rotation, and the link number of the agent (Phew..) Then, each simulator frame (timer event) you'd take the child prim's rotation, subtract the child prims initial rotation to get the change in rotation of the child prim. You'd then rotate the agents initial offset around that axis to get the new local position the agent should be in, and you would also rotate the agent based on the agents initial rotation and the change the same way the child prims are rotated. I am going to leave that as an exercise to the reader because I have other stuff to do, but I have in the past written a script function to rotate a position vector around an axis which is probably useful for this scenario:- vector rotate_around_axis(vector axis, vector position, rotation r) { // Calculate position's offset from axis. vector offset = position - axis; // Rotate the offset vector rotOffset = offset * r; return axis + rotOffset; } Hope it helps
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