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  1. Will this break if someone changes their FOV with Ctrl + 0?
  2. I think the mentality going on here is probably going to make going through life very difficult for you. We're just people. Nobody really cares that much if you have a male part, a female part, or you have a male and want to name yourself like you have a female part. Your life isn't going to end if someone gets your identity wrong. Loosen up, go out there and talk to people
  3. One of the nice things about Blender 2.8 is the ability to rotate normals of a mesh. By rotating normals on your lod models, you can make the shading more closely match the higher detail model, which can significantly reduce visual pop-in as the viewer switches between lod models.
  4. Looks to me like the model in Blender has a subsurf modifier judging by the rounded shapes. Make sure when you're exporting collada that your export settings are set to apply modifiers
  5. Tell them you're a male not like they need to know your real gender anyway
  6. Is this introducing some form of codec back into the viewer? Am I going to be able to display live video streams, without resorting to decoding them in javascript again?
  7. It's interesting that it appears to be displaying some mesh objects in the scene barring avatars. Perhaps they plan to add it in?
  8. Texture Optimization When designing models, it's important to keep in mind that your viewer can only keep in memory so much texture data at a time. This constraint depends largely on the memory inside your graphics card and the viewers 'Viewer Texture Memory Buffer' setting. Keep in mind that a 1024px texture is 4x larger in size at 4MB than a 512px texture. Most people only have 512 - 1024mb Texture Memory Buffer, so when you can, try to keep texture sizes as small as you reasonably can, use the UV area efficiently avoiding large unused spaces. When there are too many large textures around, people will experience reduced framerates, increased loading times (things appearing as grey blobs) and blurry textures, which may lead them to believe your creation is broken or the viewer is broken etc. This page shows how the pixel dimensions of a texture can affect the amount of memory used. This article contains tips and tricks regarding texture optimization. Chinrey, I have sent you a private message.
  9. If you can find a better video of someone who explains the concepts about UV unwrapping, seams etc and also simultaneously explains optimization for games be my guest. I would suggest that, if you felt that I neglected to explain about UV map optimization, why don't you explain it to Benjila?
  10. To preview texture on model in Blender Assuming Blender 2.8+ 1. Select your object, assign it a material. 2. Click the dot next to base color. Select 'Image Texture' from the menu this opens. Then browse for an image texture to use 3. Set viewport shading to Material Preview You can fix UV issues in the UV Editor. UV Editing Blender Guru recently made a nice video on UV Mapping.
  11. I am just astounded that you can't upload mesh under Linux. I mean, what is the licensing issue exactly? They're your 3d creations? What am I missing here
  12. One common task for scripted systems is to store and access data in an external database. In the past used Java Servlets and MySQL on a linux machine, but it just feels like such a long and tedious development process with so many gotcha's that I could just never recommend it to anyone who wanted to do this kind of thing for this reason. What combination of database and web technology do you find quickest to get from zero to working prototype on?
  13. Visit the sim Airport SNO. Big aviation community over there last I visited. There are many sims with airports all over the mainland to fly to
  14. We'd considered this in the past at my sim (I'm building an anime themed school). We deemed it something that would be a pretty large undertaking, to teach someone to speak Japanese is not a simple undertaking, both the teacher and the students must have the time and be prepared to spend a great deal of as it takes years to teach a language and many more for a student to get good at it, even at an ordinary school. We felt it was going to be pretty difficult to make sure all parties involved are going to take it seriously and make it worth everyones while. There might be stuff for beginners out there on SL though?
  15. This is Hana, she is my new merchant alt for my tree store She's here to sell nya a tree! ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \
  16. If someone has turned off camera constraints, they can alt-cam an infinite amount of distance. They'll alt cam the floor and just keep zooming out until they get to some skybox where you are 1000m up in the air. Then they'll sit on some scripted furniture near you such as a chair to 'teleport' into the skybox you're in uninvited. It's not the act of teleporting this way itself that grates me, but rather when people use it to force themselves into a private space or conversation i'm in
  17. When the viewer isn't focused, you'll notice the FPS drops dramatically, it actually dramatically reduces activity when not the active window. SL does use the GPU a bit. I'm also using an RTX 2060 and when Firestorm is focused in ultra settings I see about 35% GPU usage (although my sim is more optimized than most as it's all made by me) With that said, I'm told a lot of stuff in the code base is a carry over from technology from the early 2000's due to SL's age. I'm sure there's a lot that could be modernized for today's hardware.
  18. Obviously the desktop experience is always going to be better than anything a mobile app could offer, but I wonder if SL having a 3d mobile viewer could serve as a way to introduce people who would otherwise not get a normal computer to get a normal computer. On the flipside, Google and Apple have been censoring a lot of apps recently, might be a waste of time investing money in something like that if there's an inherent risk of some folk at google or apple going 'nope too much wrong-thought for our platform'.
  19. You know, reading this thread it never really occurred to me before that there would be people who struggle with making shapes. Maybe I just know what I like too well. Maybe I should make a library of anime body shapes and see how they sell one day. Could be a nice side hustle
  20. In some of my scripts I am using the timer for many things at once. Usually the way I go about it is to keep a strided list of queued timer tasks and the timestamp at which the event should occur. When the timer event fires, I do whatever is the first item in the list, then remove it from the list. I look at the timestamp of the next event if there is one, and set a timer based on the difference between that timestamp and the current timestamp.
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