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  1. On the flip side, something that irked me was that people in my friends list I give the permission to edit my objects, are able to take copies of the objects I've created in-world As a sim owner, it's useful to let other people build and move stuff around as needed, but many of the assets in my sim are made specially for my sim as they're a part of what makes it unique, I don't want people to be able to just take copies of whatever prop I've made (and I make 1,000's of them) I discovered this by accident, and since then I tend to think twice now about giving permission to edit my objects.
  2. I've taken a break from reading/replying to this topic. At one point I snapped at someone and called their views racist, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for doing that. I'm actually afraid to go read through the posts to see who it was incase I read something that makes me mad again. Pretty silly right? Well, that's me pulling out of this thread for now. Maybe I'll read when things are not so stressful irl and i have a level head :s
  3. No. I refuse to accept this stance at all. We must judge individuals on individual merits. We must set the golden standard that all others should follow, and never stoop to the lowest common denominator or accept that as reality. For as long as good people hold the world up to high standards and expectations, the sooner the world will reach those standards. When you accept anything less, you are no longer a leader but a defeatist.
  4. Don't lump me in with your racist views on others. I am horrified by it all. I want everybody to treat everyone as individuals. Did that person do a good thing to that person? Did that person do a bad thing to that person? Race does not need to enter the equation at all. It's that simple. I will never let it become a race thing, and neither should you.
  5. Do not mistake my indifference to race for an ignorance to racism. For as long as people like me exist, who judge solely on the individuals actions, there is hope that racism as we know it can end. Only when everybody follows my example and lives by these principles will racism be a thing of the past.
  6. Frankly the way I see it is like this. I honestly do not give two monkeys about the color of skin of who is doing what. I've never cared about anyone's skin color and never will. Everyone needs to sit down, realize that the looting, arson and destruction of property is destroying peoples lives and agree to do what it takes to put a stop to it. Two wrongs do not make a right.
  7. Properties are peoples lives. When you destroy someones property, you remove a roof from their head, you remove their safety and force them to live on the streets in danger. You ensure any children have no safe place to sleep at night. You ensure somebody doesn't go to work, doesn't eat. If you can't fathom this, to throw a quote right back at you:
  8. They've been destroying small businesses, low income homes. There will now be people who find themselves homeless who have little to no income and those without business unable to feed their families. This is not an act of social justice. It's not virtuous. It's wrong. Mindless destruction and outrage is never the answer to social issues, it only brings more suffering and misery and most often to those who least deserve it. It has enabled looters, anarchists and arsonists to do what they love to do best. Unless people start realizing this and becoming more responsible, I am afraid they will soon find themselves living in a world where the color of your skin is the least of your issues but for all the wrong reasons.
  9. From my experience I've come to the conclusion that there are people with a type of personality who base their entire identity around what ills the world has done to them. They don't do work, they don't contribute, they actively seek out things to be outraged by as an excuse to act in selfish destructive ways that destroy the lives of others. Without outrage, without injustice, they are nothing. The world cannot be peaceful to these people. That is why, they label people who aren't actively protesting for their ideology as 'complicit'. It's the only way they can perpetually ensure that there is never peace, that people never stop fighting or having a cause to fight against. I don't like those people.
  10. I'd say the biggest problem regarding most social issues right now are the massive outrage mobs that use social injustice as an excuse to raze everything to the ground, loot endanger lives and destroy livelihoods of innocent people who have nothing to do with the incident. If there was one way to really ramp up racial hatred, I think that was a good way to go about doing it. I sympathized with the protests until news of buildings being burnt to the ground started reaching me across the pond. Many of which apparently low income housing, small business etc. Now I think that they are just as bad themselves. It's unfortunate there is such a great lack of self awareness.
  11. I'm unfamiliar with what rules creators have to comply with to qualify their machines as 'skill gaming'. Would be interesting to have a read.
  12. I think LL only responds if it is the creator complaining. With that said, it's possible they may have used one of those full perm props sold on the MP or something. I think it's best to inform the creator just in case.
  13. I would be interested in this too. I have a robot cat friend who looks up at me when he is talking. It's very cute. I noticed that with people with rigged eyes that have a head overriding ao, if they send look at info, the eyes follow you whilst the head turns, making the character give you the 'side eye' which is an unfortunate effect
  14. This seems pretty nifty, ty for sharing
  15. I think OP knew exactly what they were doing when they said 'I don't think cisgender people can understand this.' I don't think that OP or Nemz are marginalized. I don't think marginalized people would talk to others like what I've read. I think that if they were, they would be a lot nicer to others as they would know how it feels to be called out for who they are. I have not witnessed that virtue here. I really do think that most people in SL simply do not care about what your identity is. It's never been made into an issue and I've met a lot of people of all kinds of sexualities or lack thereof. I don't think other people are as mean and cruel as they're being made out to be and believe that most people on SL are nice people.
  16. I'm not drawing conclusions. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't know, and that the first impression you've given on the forum doesn't appear to be a good one to me.
  17. I noticed this in Firestorm before when I tried to take a high resolution snapshot, so I think it isn't EEP
  18. I wouldn't know, your account has 4 posts and 3 of them look like talking down to others to me 🤔
  19. I feel like this thread might have been made to make a point, but I can't imagine what that point is 🤔
  20. I feel like most people are joining SL to be whatever they feel like being. I've been black, white, green and blue, male and female and sometimes somewhere in between too. I've met people from all corners of the world from all different countries, some places I have never even heard of before and enjoyed meeting all of them. Why limit yourself?
  21. I think that you come across as quite unfriendly. You appear to talk down to the reader and make broad assumptions about their knowledge, intelligence character and position in life which is the same issue I was highlighting with my original quote.
  22. Will this break if someone changes their FOV with Ctrl + 0?
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