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  1. I am very skeptical of a lot of social justice movements. In my experience, movements can have a sinister side, and are often used to do terrible things. That is why I only offer conditional support. I do not want to be associated with this kind of behavior or help to enable it. It does not belong, it's not welcome.
  2. I don't care if you think he was a racist. If it were not for Churchill, chances are me and most of my family would not be alive today. Nobody gets to deface and defile close held parts of British history and still expect to be given respect.
  3. If supporting BLM is supporting disrespectful, arrogant behavior like this, consider me out. I support human rights, not idiots who want to trash and disrespect history just to virtue signal.
  4. I was frustrated to read about this today. I just want to say that I DO NOT support or appreciate people defacing my countries war hero's. This was a step too far.
  5. It's 6am here in the UK. I should probably sleep. Thank you to those who were patient with me and humoured me. I know my opinions can be disagreeable but it feels good to be able to discuss them openly and feel respected. I want you to know that In some ways my feelings about the events unfolding have changed.
  6. I don't mind if people disagree with me and I do second guess my own opinions. I try my best to pretense what I say with 'I think' so as to mark my opinions as just that. I know I get tense. I'm trying my best to be reasonable I guess when I see the videos with the burning buildings and the gun fire and the sirens it sounds and looks like a war zone and I feel a bit stressed. I do support the protestors, I do think Black Lives Matter. My fear is that the protests are being allowed to be hijacked by evil people who will ultimately cause more resentment. I want to see those people stopped.
  7. If you think that small business will survive this, along with those people in the news who had their low income homes burnt down then I am willing to humble down and take my place on the back seat. I only feel stressed when people appear to be wilfully ignoring problems that appear to be quite pressing. I want to know that something will be done. That's all.
  8. No. It can be helped. Nobody should lose their livelihood as collateral damage to someone else's cause that has nothing to do with them. They didn't sign up for this. I can't stand defeatist attitudes like these and I intend to call them out for what I think they are. Defeatist. A lack of leadership, a lack of control of the situation or willingness to take responsibility for it. Boys won't just be boys. Looters and anarchists won't just destroy whatever they feel like without responsibility. Wilful ignorance will be called out. I hate to play devil's advocate but it is my feeling that I have to be the one who provides the counter argument when I find myself in an echo chamber.
  9. I suppose you think insurance money comes from a magic money tree. Do you think that when looters go around burning up so many buildings that they will all be paid for? That there are even resources readily available to rebuild these buildings for the rubble? That the owners will have some way to make a living, some where to sleep whilst that happens? Your logic sounds the same to me as those people who go around throwing trash and saying it is somebody else's problem to clean up and idk about you but my parents would have whooped my ass for such behaviour
  10. I think I have diligently read what has been written and found sources to make counter arguments. I think that in saying it is not worth my time to provide sources from the other side to you, you admit you do not read them and do not intend to engage in discourse. I think that is a pretty fair assessment
  11. That's fine. I just want to point out that you have made an open public admission to anyone who sees what you write that you are not open to criticism and thus are acting purely on emotion without critical thought, and willing ignorance of any information that might not favor your personal beliefs.
  12. Did you read the list, or are you just doubling down on your viewpoint and avoiding contrasting views? Is it worth my time to share information from the other side of the story with you?
  13. But it's not an autozone is it. Did you read that list I posted earlier? It's pretty long, and I think you'd be suprised at some of the things you'll find on there.
  14. SL is not kid proof it's mature in nature it's even in the ToS that all avatars must be 16 and up. I think that a creative outlet like Minecraft or Roblox would be better at that age or maybe the Sims?
  15. I support the notion of moving funds towards improving education and general social wellbeing to deprived communities, this much we can agree on To be clear I am not against Black Lives Matter, and in many ways I support and agree with the sentiment. My issue is that I think that there are thugs and bandits who are absolutely taking advantage of the fact that people are very emotional about this movement, using it as cover for themselves whilst they loot and destroy for their own selfish gains, and people are so emotional that they forget that there are some people out there that really are just opportunistic assholes out there, both black and white and end up giving them a free pass, rather than holding them accountable as individuals. I think it is causing untold damage and needs to have a light shined on it before it's too late.
  16. In case anyone is interested, i found a list of buildings destroyed or damaged by looting and fire in Minneapolis. https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-news/a-list-of-the-buildings-damaged-looted-in-minneapolis-and-st-paul Many of these appear to be small businesses, the sort of place that would have taken someones life savings to open and a lifelong dream and work to make it to where they are. I can imagine many of these people at this point in their life throwing their hands in the air and simply giving up.
  17. In the case of George Floyd, they're currently talking about defunding Police. They're basically saying that an entire group of people are guilty by being in the same group and should be punished as such. Not to mention going around and destroying small businesses, low income homes etc. These are all people who have been 'punished' for actions they didn't commit.
  18. I recall my first encounter with racism. It was in drama class in school. I was starting my first year. We were doing a 'stand up and swap chairs' exercise. The person before me had said if you had brown eyes. Come my turn I said brown skin. There were actually quite a few brown skinned people in my class and I was an innocent kid who didn't know better. I was singled out, sent out of the drama class, made an example of, bullied etc. It was a pretty traumatic introduction to race and racism. Since then, I've only wished that people would putting so much weight behind identity, it makes the world this tense, scary place. There's no need for it
  19. I am aware that people do discriminate based on various facets of peoples identity. However my view is that when you punish a collective for an individuals actions, you become no better than the original discriminating individual. There are good and bad people across all groups in society. The only way to nip a problem like this in the bud is to ensure that we judge and hold individuals to account for individual action. To repeat myself, Lady Justice wears a blindfold for a good reason.
  20. I think that you are intentionally quoting me out of context so that you can be offended by it. I said that in the context that some people are just assholes and I believe that to be the truth. If you think otherwise, why don't you explain to me this video of black people looting and stealing from a black mans business in their own community during LA Riots.
  21. I think the issue most people have with a lot of social justice movements in recent history, is the feeling that they try to 'fix' social injustice, by creating another. Whether that's by excluding people for being a 'majority' or by razing cities to the ground and leaving people homeless or jobless and creating an unsafe environment in general. People like me advocate for a very different ideology, in which we simply remove identity politics from the equation. We don't care what your race is, what your faith is, whether you identify as a unicorn, what your social status is, how much wealth you have accrued. All we care about is your actions as an individual and never as some collective. Lady Justice wears a Blindfold for a good reason. Most creators on SL know just how much effort and time it takes to build something worthwhile, and how easy it is to destroy what they've made. It can happen in an instant. There are good people and bad people in all groups. Black people will willingly destroy the lives of other black people, and white people will destroy the lives of other white people. It's not racism, some people are just assholes and no amount of identity politics will fix that. You simply need to hold each individual to account for their own actions.
  22. Looks at profile picture "Stud Lesbian" 🤔
  23. I've had occasional support requests about people screwing up their items. It does happen. Not often enough to justify making items no mod mind you. With that said, I think that decision to sell mod or no mod should be left to the store owner, and the decision to purchase or not purchase no-mod items left to the consumer, and simply let demand and supply do its thing
  24. On the Identity of SecondLife I think that SecondLife itself is little more than a very elaborate browser. What is seen below the address bar is very much the choice of the user. This is a location on the good old 2D Web:- https://www.kokoro.academy This is a location on the 3D Web. secondlife://KINGS%20RANCH/163/138/2338 Let's replace 'SL' with some browsers. "What should a new Chrome user's first hour be like?" "What should a new Firefox user's first hour be like?" The answer then becomes obvious. The first hour should be the user going to where they want to go, and doing what they want to do. There should not really be a 'shared experience' besides learning to use the browser. The browser should empower the user to search and find their interests by themselves. SecondLife is a virtual-world browser but has the barriers to entry of a game You do not have to register, confirm your email address, etc to download Chrome or Firefox, but you do for games. SecondLife has the barrier to entry of a game, which creates the idea in the user's head that when they log in, they are going to experience a game, they are given the expectation that they will be rewarded for their work with the experience of a game. In reality behind SecondLife's registration wall is the entry-way to another smaller internet. User's choose to go to different locations the same way they choose to go to different sites online. Different places have different themes, experiences and expectations or lack thereof for their users the same way that internet sites do. Often, the users identity even changes depending on which location/site they visit, and they may not even wish to have a shared identity between two 'sites' or 'locations' etc. I don't have the answers to these thoughts, just chucking them down here.
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