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  1. Then why does it have a gofundme with a listed set of agendas? I think it's fair to assess this statement as essentially "Support what I say, or else you are a racist, and you are not safe!". To repeat myself earlier, on 'silence is violence': I think whether intentionally or not, you may be proving my point to those who are silently sitting on the fence observing.
  2. Yeah, I get that. I think most people who support the movement feel the same way. The reason I point it out is because usually the organizers of movements have their own politics that they shoehorn into their movement, using the clout and donations they receive to their own goals that don't necessarily line up with the goals of the people donating and supporting it, and I think it is worth pointing out. I find it telling that in a conversation with you where you virtue signal towards me about race and acceptance, you take it upon yourself to attempt to single me out for having a different appearance than others.
  3. Ah, yes I forget that about America. To be clear despite the many labels that people like to put on me as they laugh at me for my views I'm not actually that much right leaning, and up until recently used to vote left *shock*. 100% the NHS here is amazing and I am very glad to live in a country where I do not need to start a gofundme page and engage in a popularity contest with others to get life saving surgery. I think in truth that the answer lies somewhere in the middle between capitalism and socialism., a little bit of both keeping each other in check. Unfortunately, because that's not taking a hard-left or far-right stance, it doesn't look good on a poster and the media doesn't like to talk about things like that because it doesn't make people fight
  4. Well, the thread is about whether or not you support Black Lives Matter. And the Black Lives Matter page in the UK suggests dismantling capitalism, so I think it is relevant
  5. Since people are so bored of hearing about statues and claim to otherwise not mind me being critical of this movement. I'll talk about some other stuff that bothers me. I took a visit to the UKBLM's gofundme page and read an interesting line that seems to push more motives than simply ensuring equal opportunity for black people. Dismantle capitalism?
  6. You too are welcome to tune me out if you only wish to hear things that you agree with. Everyone is. I do not want to live in an echo chamber. I am aware that there are only a minority of vocal readers who agree with my sentiment, but I still wish to read and I still wish to express myself none the less.
  7. This is a non-argument. It provides no reason why history should be destroyed. I think that you are attempting to come up with reasons to tell yourself why I must be a troll or a racist, because my views do not align with yours, and I do not respond to your appeals to emotion like the way you would like me to, instead taking most of what you say with a healthy dose of salt. It's fine. You don't have to provide an excuse, you can tune me out if you like you do not need to find yourself an excuse.
  8. I take no issue with moving statues to museums to be preserved, that is a reasonable civilized thing to do. It's all about respect for history. Could you imagine the uproar if a group of people decided one day, they're going to flatten the Pyramids of Egypt because they were made by oppressed slaves. Somebody came along and smashed up the pharaoh's. Threw old artifacts into a river etc. They'd be called hooligans and people would call for those people to be detained.
  9. Knowledge of history is part of what helps humans survive and become more aware of their surroundings, their ancestors successes and mistakes. The way I read your statement, It's a bit like trying to tell me medicine isn't lives, it's just solids and liquids. Try caring more about people than medicine.
  10. But we do have a tendency to put up statues for the researchers and scientists who put an end to issues such as plagues and diseases. I'm gonna go out on a whim and say I think that with not much digging you'll find that most of these people are complicated characters who do not have the same moral standards that exist today. If they're willing to go after statues of people who end the holocaust then they are willing to go after them all. And yes, I do think that statues are important parts of history, we build them and surround ourselves with them so that we don't forget and have a visual references to history that people can discover and choose to study. There's a reason most of the Chinese don't know about their own history.
  11. I had a mess about with Alchemy, I experienced an increase in reported framerate, but notably also an increase in perceiveable framerate (in firestorm, sometimes the framerate is reported high, but there are noticable slow downs when looking with your eyes at what's happening in the scene) How different is the render engine code to firestorms? Maybe it would be worth maintaining a special build with that uses that engine, and just tuck it away from the main release builds so non-tinkerers don't complain it doesn't work?
  12. Yes, I talk about punishment as it is usually something that comes with committing an act of violence. It's all in the language. When inaction gets called an act of violence, it has the (perhaps unintentional) implication that it can be punished as such. I think there are definitely people out there who would pick up on a rhetoric like this and use it for bad purposes. That is why I point it out. Re Luna. I appreciate that you recognize my concern. I will look and see what I can do.
  13. A shameful action is not an illegal action. Being a coward, being selfish are not crimes. When you criminalize them, you create a very dangerous world. I'm not advocating acting in a selfish manner, what I'm saying is, there is a big difference between acting because you're a good person, and acting under threat of punishment. Good Samaritans should be just that.
  14. You are not. That's the law in most of the free world because that's what most of the free world agrees is morally right. Yeah, it can definitely suck. I'd hate if nobody helped me during my time of need when I was being attacked, but at the same time it's not my right to anybody else's time words or actions, to expect that anybody would put themselves in danger for me etc.
  15. You are complicit, but you are not the one committing the violence. This distinction has a real legal purpose. To be clear, I perfectly understand the concept that "bad happens when good people do nothing" and agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly. The issue I have is that it is wrong to put a 'guilty' label on people who do nothing. It is tyrannical in nature.
  16. A 'greater good' that is put forth, but at it's core, the message that the toolkit ultimately puts forth is 'white silence is violence' and even encourages it's readers to share that specific line. I think such language promotes a 'guilty until innocent' mindset which is a violation of human rights. We have these civil protections to prevent tyranny. Semi-related, here's a video I thought was amusing. It's very moving... until. Well, you'll get it if you get it
  17. I am not aware of that occurring, but then I don't live in the states. I would be opposed to an action here at home.
  18. - Quote from "Toolkit for White People" I am very weary of any person or group that uses this kind of language to suggest incriminating those who are not part of their movement and do not adopt or actively echo the ideology given to them. It is a trait of totalitarians, extremists etc and history shows that it usually ends very ugly. In the free world, people choose to support a movement because they both believe it has merit and they believe the way it is achieved is ultimately effective and not going to create more problems than it solves, not because they are told failing to support it is an act of violence. There has been talk of people attempting to rewrite history recently, changing street names, removing statues, literature etc. - George Orwell, 1984.
  19. This is in wireframe mode. It appears solid. The avatar complexity is somehow only 106,000 despite a tri count in their socks that would probably be enough to render a scene in a AAA game. I'm not shaming the wearer, they probably don't have a clue about this stuff and they shouldn't need to know either. It's the creators of it. I wish we had some good incentives in place to get creators to care about SL performance more.
  20. Tea break for all, lets have a rest before we resume winding each other up on the internet. Check on your pets and make sure you get some exercise! ☕ ❤️
  21. Every society, every country, every place has social norms rules and expectations of it's people. I don't think that is racist or unreasonable. 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'. I crossed out the word 'White' and it reads much more reasonably to me.
  22. Our dumb statue helped put an end to Hitler, the person who you know, was responsible for the holocaust and spent perhaps a solid 10 years all in all dropping bombs on people in my country. But no, I suppose racism in America makes it OK to defile our historic icons without a care in the 🤬 world.
  23. Winston Churchill is not any negative element. You may not care about him, but he is important to me and I think I speak on behalf of the majority of my country when I say to my countrymen too. When people are openly willing to disrespect and support defacing someone so important to my country, it should not surprise you that you lose my support. Of course I support the core concept that Black Lives Matter. However, to support this movement? To support people acting like this? No. Just no. People must come to recognize that there are some lines that you just don't cross if you want the respect of others.
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