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  1. Yep, it was me. Stunning bathroom, Marianne. Love it!
  2. I hid behind the bush and took a pic of Slenderman.
  3. I can fix that.. you are not the first person who had crooked or "shift" house. Please message me inworld so I can fixed that, or you can try to resize those walls if you buy mod version.
  4. Yep! I sell the wall shells, and 2% of 100.. had crazy crooked houses that MOVE by itself every time they re login or restarted the region..that drive them nut. That's why when I claimed this house then I had to create the prim to make sure if it's crooked or not and someone told me that I can contact "King" Quartz Mole. Not all moles / lindens' fault. It was just glitch or accident happen. So he will fix my house sometime this week if he's not too busy. I told him take a time. He's truly amazing!
  5. Exactly! I don't want to move out anymore. I love this location, very plain... that's what I like.
  6. OMG Quartz Mole answered me so quick! He's busy right now but he will fixing it! He's SO AWESOME!!!
  7. Thanks, I already wrote a notecard and send it to Quartz Mole. Hope he will fixed this house back to normal as 0, 90 or 180 (depend which house sets that way) so I don't want to move away! Anymore! right now I use Winchester. Let me test with other house theme.
  8. Once I claimed a house and then I was so excited to see this.. I think this is GREAT location for me but then I was thinkin' oh I should create a prim to see if this house is a crooked or not, so I created one against the wall then resize the prim to a thin against the wall to flat to help me to see if that house is crooked or not but, unfortunately, it is a crooked which means it has to set around 179,90 (or so) and it will move everytime I decorated. I wonder if one of the mole can fix this house back to still degree (such as 0, 90 or 180) If can't..then I have to abandon this house.
  9. FINALLY, I GOT A HOUSE!!! Even bonus, this is my RW birthday. Woohoo!!! Great location, around the corner, garage-able and even bonus.. there are butteries around the corner. SWEET!
  10. Wow! Tons of houseboats right now.. (well, a few minutes ago)
  11. Did you click on drop down theme menu? It should be there.
  12. No worries... it's just run n' miss or total random. Hehe I've been stay up long enough and pay attention to this forum, in-world Chat group and couple of my friends to let me know. I tried to follow a trick to stand there before restarted the region. All of them did not work. So I assumed it's just random. Atlantic time zone. (6 in the morning right now)
  13. Nope, it's not. My video capture was a bit of lag that makes my mouse looked like slow, but it wasn't. I had to move my mouse cuz I don't like gyazo capture to film my screen, it lags. Anyway, I used both hands... left hand with a mouse on this menu and right side, I used my middle finger to press F5 to refresh... repeatedly until 9th refreshed. I then re-logged again. Repeated. I don't need auto-refresh. Plus my browsers are updated. I always cleaned the caches and history. I believed when a person who got a house before I hit the refresh because it's only 9 seconds and there were on
  14. Here's the shortest video what I am doing. https://gyazo.com/b2a3a02c328380d50136d1b0ae9fec07
  15. I hit F5 fast as possible.. I'd say about 2 to 4 seconds per page. I guess I should film it to show you what I did.
  16. Maybe I refreshed the page while people already claimed before my eyes. That's why I don't see nothing there. Don't worry about me, honestly. Damn, it's boring not to have a house! lol
  17. Only 4... That's why! It went out so fast like a blink of eye. But strange is I don't see any houseboats at all. Odd. So which means it is total random to everyone, not at the same time, I guess.
  18. I wish I had, my confidence was so high, I swore I would get it... but none. I should filming it to show you.
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