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  1. That's great! Whatever that works. I am not going cancel mine for an alt. Still, I can't wait to abandon my house once they will released more traditional houses due the fences are not removable. Impossible to build a parking pad for a car or bike. Shame that location is so beautiful and fancy name. That's why it's pointless for me to live here. Waiting for the 3rd wave!
  2. Yay!!! Congrats!!!
  3. For everyone... can do that. If your alt likes a house/ best location... you can easily cancel your main pm and use your pm alt for that house. But mine is a very different story. I'm oldbie. I joined 2004. Can't cancel my pm for many reason. lol
  4. That is very true. I heard there will be lots of traditional houses coming out later. Risky or not is a matter of choice.
  5. @Louminca Don't you have an auto-refresh the page? If not, please contact me and I'll help you how to get it. I just had it last night and it works!
  6. Exactly! That's all it's matter!
  7. @xrockinfree @Cougar Sangria @karynmaria Thank you ladies! Yess, I will, Cougar! ❤️ Mine is Lily of the Valley! Karynmaria I love this house but the spot isn't that best. I will wait for the 3rd wave then I will abandon it and get a better spot cuz I like to live near the water.
  8. To let everyone know that I got a house!!! Thank you for your heart and the support, guys!!! My advice by how to get it: Smallest chance with a bad connection can get a house. You guys do have the chance to get it. All you need is to keep trying and the support system like I have. You have my support as well!
  9. Thanks, darling! I can't believe this! Everyone with smallest chance and a bad connection can have a house or houseboat.
  10. Thank you all for your support and love. Now let me go home! *run* Much love n' Be wild!
  11. I saw a houseboat. I don't mind to own it and was in real hurry to grab it but frankly......... All I saw was a yellow background and said... *ahem* "We're sorry..." to my face! I got a house a hour ago.
  12. THIS! Also... a gorgeous landscape, everywhere! We can able to sail, fly, ride or drive nonstop!
  13. Thanks, love! Congrats on your house! *hugs*
  14. Thanks, love! *hugs!!!*
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