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  1. I can fix that.. you are not the first person who had crooked or "shift" house. Please message me inworld so I can fixed that, or you can try to resize those walls if you buy mod version.
  2. Yep! I sell the wall shells, and 2% of 100.. had crazy crooked houses that MOVE by itself every time they re login or restarted the region..that drive them nut. That's why when I claimed this house then I had to create the prim to make sure if it's crooked or not and someone told me that I can contact "King" Quartz Mole. Not all moles / lindens' fault. It was just glitch or accident happen. So he will fix my house sometime this week if he's not too busy. I told him take a time. He's truly amazing!
  3. Exactly! I don't want to move out anymore. I love this location, very plain... that's what I like.
  4. OMG Quartz Mole answered me so quick! He's busy right now but he will fixing it! He's SO AWESOME!!!
  5. Thanks, I already wrote a notecard and send it to Quartz Mole. Hope he will fixed this house back to normal as 0, 90 or 180 (depend which house sets that way) so I don't want to move away! Anymore! right now I use Winchester. Let me test with other house theme.
  6. Once I claimed a house and then I was so excited to see this.. I think this is GREAT location for me but then I was thinkin' oh I should create a prim to see if this house is a crooked or not, so I created one against the wall then resize the prim to a thin against the wall to flat to help me to see if that house is crooked or not but, unfortunately, it is a crooked which means it has to set around 179,90 (or so) and it will move everytime I decorated. I wonder if one of the mole can fix this house back to still degree (such as 0, 90 or 180) If can't..then I have to abandon this house.
  7. FINALLY, I GOT A HOUSE!!! Even bonus, this is my RW birthday. Woohoo!!! Great location, around the corner, garage-able and even bonus.. there are butteries around the corner. SWEET!
  8. Wow! Tons of houseboats right now.. (well, a few minutes ago)
  9. Did you click on drop down theme menu? It should be there.
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