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  1. redzone has on numerous ocassions ejected alts of people ive already banned for various reasons
  2. first off redzone didnt tell me where u have been, the fact that u asume that tell me you know nothing about it, it told when when u visited my sim only, and if i ban u , it banned you only from my sim and banned your alts only from my sim,
  3. LL revoved redzone, a tos leagal item, without explanation or reimbersement. they have not even offered an alternative so we can ban a user not just an avi. this thell me they can remove anything for any reason . it dont have to be against thier tos be carefull about wut security u buy cuz they may rip it from under u without a good reason or explanation. and when u ask em about it , they refuse to tell u anything they tell ypu they dnt have that info. well all i can say is your the one doing shouldnt you have the info?
  4. u have to get age verified look in ur dashboard and read from the menu till u see the option is pretty easy once u find it
  5. i feel defenseless now that redzone is banned
  6. LL banned the only decent security in secondlife and are deleting the system from everyone and not reimbersing them for the product. keep in mind that rezone was TOS LEAGAL do they not care about our security needs?
  7. hope that griefer dont decide to use an alt to do it again , cuz if so itll happen again and nothing u can do to stop it
  8. i use redzone and it has worked very well for me , im fine with not seeing alts , but if every one has a problem with a 3rd party running it why dnt we all ask LL to make it where if we ban some one on our regular sim ban lists that it effectivly bans all that persons alts( certinly LL would have no false positives) how would u feel about that? and just so u guys know when i ban u from my sim its just my sim it dnt ban u from all redzones sims unless u have copybot software in wich u deserve to be banned by everyone
  9. Tank Camino


    how do i see my altitude using this retarded viewer, does linden purposly make this viewer non-user friendly jeez
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