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  1. What's wifi? lol No I'm hard wired. And several of the games I play have dynaimc enviroments. But yes, it is an AMD card, so that may very well be the issue. {ati7870}
  2. I can watch streaming hidef wide screen, so no, not a connection issue. I quite because SL was the absolutly only place I had any lag. I can do skirmishes on LOTRO with 12 other players at 80+ fps. I can play NFSW at max and running 120 fps; Yes I know those are rather rediculess numbers, but so is going from 80+ fps on one game and droping to 8 fps on SL.
  3. I gave up on SL some months back; maybe a better then a year. I'm running HP i5, 10 gig and a 2 gig card with W7 and with broad band, but could never get more the 12fps out of it with graphics settings as low as they would go. And forget socializing, my FPS would drop to 9 or less if others were around. Were as most games I can play at max settings at 80fps minimum; that would be in town with 30 or more players. I'd thought about reinstalling it but want to know if the lag issues have been fixed? Because with my rig the trouble was not on my end.
  4. Thanks, been on forums long enough to know how it goes. I've removed all my listings from the store here but can't find any way to actually delete them. I haven't gotten on to clear my inventory in SL, but have deleted 30gig of backup copies of textures off my comp. With a Tbite I didn't need the space but I am trying to delete everything off my comp I haven't used in a while; games I haven't plaied in ages including the SL viewer{once I am done there}. I think the SL mesh thing is hillarious, got to jump through more hoops to get a cube on SL then to get a rigged animated figure in to the unity game engine lol
  5. In the past year I have been on maybe 10 times. Each time to simply pay bills. Total time on may be 40-50 minutes. If the fps wasn't so bad I might find something to have fun with, but the way it stands it's a chore just to log in to pay bills. I still want to wipe most of my inventory out, I feel like I'm draging around a trailor lode of garbage. I've done everything I can from my end to bring up the fps. Garphics is so low it looks like PS1 and I still can't get more the 7fps. Let some one walk in to frame with some 30 flexy prime hair and 40 flexy prime dress and it's down to 1/2fps. Just no fun to be had at that fps. I have the best band width avalible in my area so this wont get better. I play LOTRO and during the festival, with 60 characters running around, many on horse back, with fire works, I was still running at 30-+ fps. Maybe if something is done to bring the fps up to 30 and playable, I'd come back, but as it stands I am not wasting my time with it.
  6. wow, ask a simple question. I simply want to clear my invantory before I pack it up. I just find no part of 6fps fun. intel 2.8quad, 6 gig and a 1gig card, I play MMO racing games at max graphics settings with no lag, so it isn't my machine. No this isn't the same machine I had then, but every new viewer over the last few years has cost me more and more fps till it's a waste of time even logging in. And if I had wanted any more advice then how to do a mass deleting of content I would have asked. And you all may like to have that server space back, I probably have 80gig of origenal textures just eating up space.
  7. After 5 years I am jiving up on SL. When the gambleing was taken out it started this down hill slide and just isn't fun for me any more. I'm taking down my store; the SL matket one, giving up my land and would like to delete all my inventory down to what I am wareing. Is there some way to mass delete my inventory or do I have to do it item by item, texture by texture? Sorry, SL is just a craptacular lagfest now, now fun at all.
  8. I beta test games, the racing game I'm betaing now rairly drops bellow 60fps. Quadcore, 6 gig ram and a 1 gigi ATI card. On SL with the latest viewer and the graphics bottomed out I'm lucky to get 4 fps. I don't go to SL much, when it takes half an hour to load a sim, I just don't have the time. I keep hoping it will get better, been hoping for a year. New viewer comes along and I lose more FPS. :smileyfrustrated:
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