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  1. ` LOL! Now THAT is a good answer hehehe. Fair enough! I WILL send a ticket pronto, and soon as I get an answer I will post it here for everyone else's benefit too, in case anyone else is curious. thank you ChinRey. You are an angel for cheering me up and making me laugh
  2. Thank you for your polite answer LiittleME. At least SOME people are more civil in their answers. I am not premium however I figured LL would not be to happy if I start creating tickets for such questions so I thought for something simple as this, maybe someone would know, but that's ok. But thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate it. I don't know how to access the chat and I'm not even sure I can being that I am not premium.
  3. How about you just DON'T READ THE POST IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT?!?!??! All I did was ask a question in a forum dedicated to the issue in hand. I didn't complain or rant about ANYTHING! If anything YOU are the one complaining and RANTING!
  4. So in the limits when it says US$ Process Credit (30 days), is it 30 days from when you submit or 30 days from when it passes cause if it's when it passes that can be more like 35 days
  5. Wow I have to confess I'm not at all impressed by LL's drop in customer service over the last 6 months. I find their manner to be insulting and condescending. And I quote: "These limits are in place to facilitate a business relationship between you and Second Life". Facilitate? Facilitate what? their pocket? Tell me you refuse my request and leave it at that. I'll accept it, but don't insult my intelligence by posting some response like I was born yesterday?? 2nd, have you noticed now how they like to have the last word by closing the ticket and no longer having a REOPEN button? NOT TO MENTION their emails say "To reply to this case, either Reply to this email, or visit ..." for which when you reply you get a nice little " This case is no longer available for comment because it has been archived." What wonderful ARROGANCE!!! So be it.
  6. We need to keep posting. Only our voices will can be our tools. I'm already talking to people around and starring things up. Legally, I suppose it's their right, but unhappy people are not what they want either. As I mentioned, it's not in their interest to lose customers and I am seriously considering leaving soon because of all these recent changes over last couple of years. ( years I have been in SL and in the last year and a half I find there are too many monetary changes too frequently. next they will increase MP commissions, selling % of L$, costs to log on? costs for viewer? If I didn't know better I'd say it's the act of desperation from a falling empire.
  7. Oh absolutely it's a squeeze tactic or as I call it: a greed tactic. It is their right to do so naturally, but is it ethical to so something like this? Obviously with a high limit, people like me who don't make massive amounts would accumulate our funds and transfer it at a more spaced out period, but with this tactic, my expense to Linden labs has increased roughly %500 to %1000, which is a grossly unfair change. Does Linden labs care about fair or unfair? Well, I guess if I was in their shoes I would probably respond with "fair has nothing to do with it; it's just business." But in the end, business is not just about the numbers. I find that LOYALTY plays a big role, something my customers have always enjoyed from my service because regardless of the situation, I don't "screw them over" by over inflating the prices to the point of a shock adjustment as they have done here. On top of which it was 2 changes. One is the max limit charge from $15 to $25 and second is the drop from $10000 to $1000. I suspect that this will only encourage more people to leave SL, unfortunately. What was that proverb? The more you tighten your squeeze, the more slip through your fingers. Stop squeezing us LL. You're not helping your cause to keep people.
  8. this is so infuriating. Sigh. First the fee up to $25 and now a drop in monthly limit. My costs would go up from like $30 a year to $300. This is absolutely insane
  9. No no sorry not upset at you. Sorry I guess that came off wrong. Apologies :). I'm just frustrated
  10. Here is a cut and paste from the knowledge base BLACK AND WHITE thank you: Is there a minimum or maximum amount? The minimum process-credit amount allowed is $10, plus any fees. The maximum amount per transaction is $9,999 minus fees. If necessary, you can process a larger amount over multiple smaller transactions. https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/account-balance-r1/Section_.2.2?lang=en-US Go see for yourself.
  11. $1000??????? What kind of BS is that? that's absolutely ridiculous!! That can't be right! It must be higher than that. What happens for companies who make like $5000 a month? you going to tell me they do 1000 each day and get charged $25 each time?????? I think you have that wrong because I took at the conditions on their website and it say 9999.99 (in essence TEN THOUSAND) not 1000 so not sure where you get your info from
  12. I am getting this error: You have exceeded your tier level's daily payout limit. And yet the last time I processed a credit was 6 months ago. It's not the first time I do this procedure. Have done it MANY times as I have been in SL for enough years to know how to process credit. I looked up the knowledge base and it says maximum is $9,999.00 US$ which I am NOWHERE near that amount. I tried it like 4 times. The amount I entered is correct. I even cut n paste the value. I am not going to try lower amounts as I don't want to get billed multiple times for processing credit. The error keeps reoccurring. Why? thank you
  13. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. That means, whatever the reason, don't question it; let's be happy it is settling down. Will it return to 247? Maybe. Maybe not. Why it happened? Could be Aliens. Could be traders. Could be and act of GOD, LL "printing new money", Wil Smith pissed someone off in independence day 2, Area 51, someone stepped on an ant in a parallel universe an messed things up, a time shift causing a paradox.... or maybe the dog barked when she should have bit! We may never know. All I hope is whatever it was, it was rectified and all will go back to normal. To be honest, it's not unlike the true Stock Market where things can go to hell in a handbag and ULLLLLLLLLLLLLLTIMATELY stabilizes and goes back to normal. Good thing I cancelled my sales back when it was running at the 260's. Won't say I'd lose my shirt but rather sell in the 240's or 250's than 260's or even 270's. Actually I suspect the dropping to low 250's will slow down tremendously as the amounts selling below 254 are now entering much bigger quantities. We shall see
  14. Well I tried selling twice and each time my sale was burried buy bids placed at even HIGHER L$ (or lower depending how you wish to word it) now showing bids of 267 and decided I will not succumb to this insanity. I've pulled my sales and will now wait to see what happens. I refuse to participate in this fiasco of panic I think those of us who want to salavage the situation should also pull their sales or place them down in the 250's and hopefully stabalize the situation before it becomes so bad that we can never bring it back down. C'MON PEOPLE! We need to pull together!
  15. Well looks like that TRADING theory may be true. Someone JUST dropped 5 million on $265. COINCIDENCE? I doubt it. Could have easily put it at 264 or even 263 but why help improve a bad situation when you can make it worse? Like to drop a piano on that seller...sigh. Sorry...just very agravated.
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