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  1. Yeah but wont break it in a way that makes all kids look bad, If i go to Adult sims it reflects badly on the whole child community and i dont want that. My skin issue as said many times is next to impossible for anyone to ever see but myself so it effects no one but me.
  2. just because a sim is rated adult doesnt mean adult activities are taking place. many friends simply just rent a plot of land for a home on a sim rated adult, Why adult well that plot of land was a good price at the time. So Please stop fishing for reason to make child avies on adult land look bad
  3. Yes i know that an i sadly i cant visit those friends home anymore unless i log on my adult avi.
  4. As a child avi i would rarely ever go to Adult regions anyway unless its a home of a friend or i know its a place safe from adult activity so that rule really has no effect on me anyways. To me it was always common sense to stay out of random adult regions as a child avi.
  5. Yes i do know but Im basically just saying there is no way for anyone to know if my skin has something baked onto it or not anyways if im alphaed out down there or wearing Bom underwear therefore i dont care about the new rules since i am alwasy covered anyways.
  6. Kids that run around naked give us a bad name, I dont do that i have enough sense to be covered at all times. If refusing to change myself after im finally happy with avi ruins Sl for you then oh well.
  7. Yeah maybe, but that is if someone finds a way to get past the alpha or underwear BOM to get a pic to file a report, can be years before that happens
  8. I honestly dont care. Like i said before nothing anyone can see no matter how hard they cam me or how much they derender off me so good luck to pervs caming me down there as there will nothing to report.
  9. I think to many overreacting to this whole modesty thing. Make it so your Bits cant been seen even if your mesh is derendered an nothing for anyone to report. No updating needed no special skins needed, just be well covered. Im personally not changing my child skins or avi over this since no matter how hard one cams me they wont see anything to send a report to LL over.
  10. The saddest part about all this is i can just picture 1000s of people going pedo caming between the legs of kid avis to see if they have on a modesty layer to see if they can report them.
  11. If nothing is there an if your mesh clothes are derendered an still nothing is down there then nothing to report you for as there is is no proof if your skin or body has a modestly layer an if anyone does have proof to report it they are using using Illegal tools to see that. I use a child avi and i refuse to update my skin over something this ridiculous ,, ill continue to just use Bom underwear an alphas like i always do as my modestly layer.
  12. my problem is more then a hud its every object on my land that makes sound thats not supposed to make unless being used is making noise constantly. Dont know why the problem says resloved when its not.
  13. Status says fixed, my home sim restarted but the problems with sounds still continues , this problem has not been fixed
  14. Yes sl is dying and is going to die much faster then i have thought sadly. Anyone that says its not must not get around much. Have you seen shopping events lately ? They are getting smaller and smaller every time. Been to RP communities recently ? Most are run by bots instead of real people to look busy. Have you seen the family RP community ? Its nearly gone. most the sims that left are ghost towns. Child avatar world has nearly been wiped from existence. only a handful of places left for them. Then the adult sex world, Have you been out looking to hook up lately ? trying searching for sex or something, nearly all results bring to AFK (AKA bots) sex places. Finding a real person has become a challenge for that. I remember just a few years ago stopping at a place like Truth for hair having to fight though the lag an crowd of at least 25 - 30 or more avatars on the sim, last time i was there was only 8 avatars there. Don let the number you see of avatars in world fool you. over half that number is bots. So yes SL is dying. I think part of the reason is price. The cost to make a nice avatar as increased a lot. i remember back in like 2010 the cost to make a nice avatar was about 3k - 5k L$ an that was for some the best stuff. Now days to make a nice avatar you goin to spend at least 10 - 15K L$ which is a lot for some people, especially a new person. Someone new comes to Sl an see they have to drop $50 USD just to get the L$ to have decent avatar they will most likely leave. an remember this just the avatar didnt even get to other stuff yet. Then there is the fact that the new younger generation does not use a PC as much as the last generation. most older teens an young adults are using smart phone, tablets, an xbox's for there internet an gaming needs which cant run sl . so not many new people coming to replace the ones that are leaving. I have been in second life since 2006. I still love it. its sad watching it die so fast over the past few years.
  15. Ok so Second Life has been running for what about 13 years now or more? What im wondering is ,is there some reason why LL is still giving us outdated server tech? Like why is a sim only 15000 prims still ? 10 years ago id expect an asnwer like , bandwidth issues for average user an cost of servers to suport it . But now days servers are liek 100 times faster , average user computer is probly 3 times faster an average net connetion is 10x faster. i been to other opensim grids with sims that have up to 40k prims, iv seen stuf like mega regions that are larger ins size then standard sim. So what is holding SL back from giving us updated tech ? Why cant a sim have lets say 30,000 prims nowdays ? severs now days are more then capable of handling it. . just feels like the cost of sl lately not as worth it, eveything else i pay for over last decade has updated its tech but LL seems to be stuck in 2003 still. Yes they gave us Mesh an our avis an clothes an builds had a huge update an look way better then 10 years ago, i give credit for that . but it would be nice if stuff on server end of it would update to todays tech.
  16. If you are using a Nvidia graphic card there is a Windows10 driver you need to manualy get from the nvdia website. If you using anything else there are issues beyond that of windows 10 to begin with. Voice does not seem to work for many people with windows 10 and asian text such as chinese and japanese and other special characters will not show up.
  17. I am Using a Intel i5 and have nvdia 650 TI . After updating to the windows 10 nvidia driver it runs Sl fine. Have not tried the offical viewer yet. I am using Firestorm and it runs good, but has 2 known issues so far. 1. Cant view asian text, such as chinese , japanese, etc 2. Voice dont seem to connect If you can live without those 2 things its good to go.
  18. I am Using a Intel i5 and have nvdia 650 TI . after updating to the windows 10 nvidia driver it runs Sl fine. As long as you can live without voice and seeing special texts fonts sucj as chinese and japanese its runs fine. I have heard peope with AMD and with onboard graphics there are more issues.
  19. Yes it works . Have not tried the offical viewer yet. I am using Firestorm and it runs good, but has 2 known issues so far. 1. Cant view asian text, such as chinese , japanese, etc 2. Voice dont seem to connect.
  20. for the past few months i have this issue with textures relaoding over and over again, they load fine then get blurry then load again and does this weather i move around or not. this happens on prims mostly. sometims on avies. iv tried to turn off Http setting like i was told in Firestorm support but that dont seem to work, i tried offical SL veiwer and it does it on there as well so this sems to be more then a viewer issue. Is there anything else i can try that might fix this isue? I dont think my computer is the issue i have a good graphics an stuff. CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz (2794.03 MHz) Memory: 8184 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 650 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 Windows Graphics Driver Version: 9.18.0013.2723 OpenGL Version: 4.3.0
  21. Well that explained why i couldnt view the main sl wepage, Thats just so messed up, cant see the page if have adblocker. Seriously making $300 off sims isnt enough for yous anymore ? greedy lindens.
  22. I am looking to buy old retired lines of childrens clothes for resale in another world similar to SL. I have noticed as mesh came out content for regular child avies has been vanishing. most kids have turned to mesh toddlers an most content creators have either retired or changed there lines to mesh an toddler clothes. If you are or used to be a creator of clothes for regular kid avies (no Mesh) and have clothes sitting around not giving you any profit anymore im willing to buy it. any other old kids items your wiling to sell id consider taking to. So you wondering why would i want old stuff. Some friends an i are trying to get kids to stay around on this other world, not sure im allowed to name the other world here so i wont, but anyways kids dont seem stay casue the lack of content for them. Like most other worlds this world is like steping 5 or 6 years back in time in Sl. mo mesh yet an lots of stuff thast considerd old in Sl is new an welcome there. I will Not resell your items in SL. i'll even make some kinda contract with you legaly preventing me from resale in SL. So instead leaving your old stuff rotting away in your inventory not doing you or anyone any good sell to me please an put it to use in a world were its welcomed. IM me in world or send a note card if interested. Kei Niosaki.
  23. is there really no one out there looking to make money by making a good quality t-shirt an tank for a kid avi ? i pay well. im not expecting this to be cheap. please if you know how to make mesh im willing to pay high price for it.
  24. iv checked out her shirts for kid avies there not good quality an dont fit right thast why most kids avi dont really use it
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