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  1. It's a UV mapping issue so it's not possible. The only way that would work is on a mesh body that allows two different upper body textures for the arms, one applying to each. I know the Slink body used to allow this (letting you hide one arm layer and not the other, as well as their old appliers allowing you to input different UUIDs for textures for each arm) but to my knowledge that's the only one that's ever allowed it and I'm not even sure if they still do since I haven't worn Slink in ages.
  2. You can just readjust your shape to make your hip width narrower and/or your legs thicker to hide the thigh gap. It's just a style, and rigged mesh is all adjustable so you can mess with your shape as much as you want until you don't have it if it's not your thing.
  3. I use demos for both fit and textures. Sometimes textures look great in an ad due to good lighting or materials, but look bland and flat in-world unless your lighting is similar (which honestly most people don't use shadows and different projector lighting when just walking around, I think most of us use an even and shadowless lighting such as Firestorm's built-in CalWL setting). If a demo I try doesn't have a texture on it and is only for testing fit, I'm honestly a little hesitant to purchase unless it's from a designer I know well and trust to provide a good quality product. But even then I feel like it's kind of dishonest in a way, to put demos out with no textures because it feels like they're trying to deceive you into buying a product without being completely transparent about what you're getting (which has happened to me before, especially with mesh kits). It would be like going to a store irl and ordering a pair of boots in what's labeled as a metallic red, only being able to see black in-store, and finding out once you receive the red ones that they're actually pink, made out of a different material, and there are no returns. I really just think that the best creators include some kind of texture on their demos even if it's the basic plain option for what they're selling. I tend to trust transparency a lot more than faith in the designer when it comes to non-returnable product purchases (which is pretty much everything unless it's from a gacha). It literally costs an extra $10L to upload one more texture with the words DEMO on it. They don't need to include every color option in a demo, but definitely at least one.
  4. Well first, make sure you're wearing clothes made specifically for Belleza Freya, as there are two other Belleza bodies out there that people also make mesh for. Second, rigged mesh is well, rigged. So when you adjust your body, the mesh is going to adjust with it. There's no way around the fit, so if you don't like how it fits there's nothing you can do about it. Third, sometimes people put their own twists on the shape of the mesh clothing when making it, so it may not fit like a glove BUT it will still fit all of the areas around the mesh (such as arm holes, neck, etc). In order to make your boobs not pop out of the mesh in this case, you just need to hide parts of your boobs with the alpha section of your Belleza HUD. You can click the pre-made section buttons on the left to hide bigger parts of the body at once or you can click each individual section on the body model on the right.
  5. I know this is kind of an old thread at this point, but I wear Belleza Isis and I'm always really sad when designers don't include it in their mesh options. Honestly I think the most used bodies are by far Maitreya, and then Belleza Isis/Freya and then Hourglass. I think more people used to wear Hourglass but I see it less and less every time I'm out and about in-world.
  6. Assuming you're using a mesh body, if you wear the Maitreya body, Erratic has some really cute mesh lingerie exclusively for Maitreya. It comes in separates, but it can get expensive since most of them are sold separately as well as being separate attachments. I get what you mean about applier lingerie not being as nice. I agree, but it's also a lot easier to make than mesh lingerie. If someone doesn't know how to create mesh, rig it to each popular mesh body, AND texture it, it's not gonna happen unless they buy a premade mesh kit, and there are next to none for lingerie on the marketplace that are either reasonably priced or that don't fit like *****. Appliers can use the Omega system where they're compatible with any mesh body you want. Not that I prefer appliers, but that's the reasoning.
  7. The only way I've found to "adjust" it is to instead adjust the crease and eye bag sliders on your shape. I really wish there was a way to move them around a little bit since a lot of eye textures are just placed differently and don't work with different eye shapes. I just wear regular mesh eyes so they are adjustable but I don't think those particular eyes (the ones included with lelutka) are sold separately for use with regular mesh eyes.
  8. That is a mesh head by Tetra. I don't know if it's custom or if she sells it in-store, but if I remember correctly she does sell it.
  9. Hey that's my picture from my marketplace store It is the karin head from lelutka, with a Luna skin applier from League on it.
  10. Pretty sure Belleza sells appliers for her skins for the other mesh bodies. Just check by the applier section in her store.
  11. It could be one of two things. 1.) You need an alpha layer to hide the parts of you feet that stick through. I don't know when the last time you logged in was before now, but invisiprims are no longer a common thing for shoes and without an alpha layer to hide the specific parts of the feet sticking through, you'll have this issue. 2.) No one uses the system feet anymore. Hell, very few even use the system avatar anymore. Most people opt for mesh bodies and mesh feet. I don't know a single designer who still makes shoes for the default/system feet. Invest in a set of the Slink mesh feet since that's the standard now and everyone makes shoes for those instead. They're always the same size, and they're rigged, so shoes will always fit. Sometimes if the shoes you buy aren't rigged, you may need to wear the shoe base with it but that's about as far as it goes with fitting issues with Slink mesh feet. There are three heel heights you can buy, and there's a fourth bonus one if you buy the pack that includes all of them.
  12. Exile has some that might look like that. They have a ton of unnatural, fusion, and ombre color packs.
  13. Brows are attached to the system hair layer. It's a separate body part from your avatar shape. It'll have a little brown wig as the icon next to it in your inventory or in your wearing tab. Right-click and edit that, and there will be two tabs: Hair and Eyebrows. Click on the eyebrows tab for the options for the brow shapes. Keep in mind this only works on system heads, and not mesh heads.
  14. You'll have to go to the in-world store to get the mesh body. Not everything is on the marketplace, things are only there when the creator chooses to put them there. There are a ton of stores and items in-world that you'll miss out on if you limit yourself. Get out there and explore! Here's the landmark straight to the Maitreya mesh body at her store. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maitreya%20Isle/130/191/23
  15. Can you post a screenshot? It's difficult to figure out the problem unless we can see it ourselves.
  16. I usually go for a "naturals" or "essentials" pack if available. One that includes one or two shades of each natural color (for example, a platinum blonde, a dirty blonde, a light brown, a dark brown, a light red, a dark red, and a black). If there are no naturals packs available, I find I have a hard time deciding which other one to buy. I mainly want the platinum blonde and black to be in the same pack so if that's there that's what I'll buy. If they aren't I'll just buy the blacks but I hate buying single color packs because I don't need or want 5 shades of black. If I'm absolutely in love with the hair I'll also buy the blondes but again I hate having to shell out another 250L on average for just one more color. I really dislike when designers won't do a naturals/essentials pack. Or if when they do, it's twice the price as the others (note to designers: Unless there's twice the number of colors in said pack, please don't make it more expensive).
  17. Agreed. Modeling schools are at best for roleplay and a blatant scam otherwise. Some charge as much as 20,000L to "enroll" over the course of a few months. A friend of mine did this and despite all of the crap they claimed to teach (including but not limited to how your avatar should look) his avatar was a generic noob avatar, looked like a praying mantis in terms of size, had terrible proportions, and I would not have hired him had I ever been looking for a model. He looked like a ken doll with dark hair. It was terrible and I felt bad that he wasted so much money on something so useless. If you want to become a model, set up a Flickr account, join a bunch of Second Life groups, and take some pictures of your avatar and post them there. You don't need a fancy "agency" or someone telling you what to do. Just do it yourself, gain followers, find brands whos stuff you like and wear it in your pictures. They might ask you to do some official modeling for them if they like your style, but otherwise just have fun with it and take pics of your avatar wearing things you like. You don't need to edit your photos either. I don't touch any of mine, I just set my graphics to ultra for the pics so they look nicer. I personally don't like editing those kinds of pics anyway because I like to present the products in the picture as they are in-world (but I also blog and have a store where it's important to not edit but that's entirely personal preference for other things).
  18. Most if not all newer hairs will include an option for use with mesh boobs. I don't know of a single hair dev who doesn't do that now that I think about it. It's a pretty standard practice these days. Try Truth, Exile, and Magika.
  19. Slink is probably your best bet because it's not quite as curvy as the other bodies out there, and it's the most versatile in that if someone makes ANY appliers, they will more than likely do them for Slink. The Mesh Project mesh body is really cute and looks great at smaller sizes as well, but it may still be too curvy for you since even at 0 the bum sticks out quite a bit. I've worn my TMP body since I got it and haven't really taken it off until I got my Maitreya body, which I like just as much if not more. it's still rather curvy though, but Onyx LeShelle (Maitreya) has a skinny avatar and it looks cute with the body. I'm not sure exactly how un-curvy you're wanting to be, but I'd definitely say try the Slink Physique body and Maitreya Lara body. Keep in mind that you will have to edit your avatar shape to accomodate the different features of each mesh body, so if you like the general shape of it go ahead and experiment with the shape sliders to get the look you want.
  20. What Belladonna said. It definitely looks like a graphics issue to me. First to rule out a driver update, set your graphics to high or ultra and see if it goes away. I have similar issues if I set my graphics too low. If that doesn't fix it then definitely update your graphic/video card drivers. If that DOES fix it, if your computer lags too much with the high/ultra graphics, just bring it down a notch until it happens again and go back up, and one by one disable the things you don't need until you find what triggers it and keep that thing on or off (whichever fixes it).
  21. Try setting the skin tones to all instead of just one tone. If designers specify a tone when making the applier, it'll only show up when that tone is selected. Just click on the tones icon on style mode and click on view all at the bottom and see if it comes up. As for installers being reusable, currently they are not so I'd suggest making copies before installing if you often have problems with them. I did notice though that there's been a little bit of lag between the servers for TMP lately. I installed some stockings I bought yesterday and they didn't show up until I logged on today. /shrug
  22. Make sure you're wearing the shoe base that comes with it. IT can affect where the shoe sits. Also, you said you have the correct Slink feet but you're wearing default feet in your screen shots. Are you sure you have the right feet? Try putting them on, then add the shoes, and then wear the shoe base and see if it still happens.
  23. 500? I think you mean five thousand. The free body is cool to try out, essentially it's a demo without demo markers and you get a free skin in each of their tones in style mode so you can match it to your current skin if it's not from The Shops. The free one does NOT work with any other appliers. Nothing third-party will work for it and none of the clothing appliers work for it. It's literally just the body, and each skin tone that's included has a regular verison, a nipple-less version, and a version with a white bra and underwear painted on. The starter version is the next one up for 1000L. I THINK it only has one clothing layer, but I know for sure that it does not have the alpha hud for use with mesh clothing. Basic is next which costs 3000L, which has one clothing layer and one tattoo layer on it, all third-party appliers work, and it comes with the alpha HUD for use with mesh clothing. Deluxe is what I have myself, which costs 5000L, has two clothing layers, two tattoo layers, all appliers work, and it comes with the alpha HUD as well as all feet heights. I'm not sure which other ones come with all of the feet heights but I'm pretty sure it's only basic and deluxe that do, BUT I could be wrong so don't quote me on that. You can grab demos of each of the bodies in-world, so I'd suggest just doing that and seeing what everything comes with for sure. I love my The Shops/The Mesh Project body and I don't take it off often. I think it's the best looking one out there tbh. Just do a search in-world for The Shops. When you get there, make sure to accept the shop mode and style mode HUDs they give you on arrival because you'll need them. Click on The Mesh Project on the wall (with all of the bodies) and it'll bring you to that section of the store where you can buy or demo all of their mesh stuff. Wear the Shop Mode HUD and click on each wall icon to bring up the options in the HUD to shop. When you decide you want to buy something, pay the kiosk on the wall the amount and it'll be loaded into your HUD so you can buy it. But don't pay it until you know what you want because it's non-refundable once you add it to your "account" for them.
  24. The skin definitely looks like The Shops. The hair might be from Exile or Wasabi Pills.
  25. Without purchasing the full version, how would you make your vendor ads for the appliers? Also, I think it would just be nice if they included a non-scripted but modifiable version with a sign or whatever on it in the creator kits (that are included with all full versions, other than slink and TMP stuff) so that we can just toss our (local/non-uploaded) textures on them to test them before uploading. Granted there are things out there made by other devs that will give you a temporary UUID for your local texture to test your applier, but I really wish that wasn't necessary.
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