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  1. People who are capable of successfully casting their victims into some funky light as the apparent perpetrators. What could be darker than a creature that circulates through society like a serial killer exploiting the very fabric of community like nothing matters at all but their objective and will to power over others with total impunity.
  2. Then you'd be surprised. There are or have been well-known places that might as well have been the island from The Lord of the Flies, or worse. I don't know about civility, but I'm all for civilization.
  3. Maybe this is related with the general topic of people taking offense--- wouldn't it be better to refer to people experiencing disabilities as a class in a manner that doesn't hammer in hard that they are not people; they are disabled people. I mean, you could always just choose to instead let them focus on some other aspect of their existence than that thing, right?
  4. Well, you know, they say the pen is mightier than the sword. And some people are literally an order of magnitude more sensitive to certain situations than the average. Even if you're right, a sensitive approach can help get your message across rather than create stress and upset. Do it with love! 💌
  5. INFP-T today. 93% introverted, 78% intuitive, 68% feeling, 51% prospecting, 61% turbulent. Ages ago I used to test as INTP.
  6. Acknowledge them as they pass, dismiss them kindly. Wash rinse repeat until your mind is quiet. And remember to have fun! 💚
  7. @Alwin Alcott Oh wow, thanks for saying that. I'd been wanting to correct my dead name for sixteen years, eight of them quite earnestly. I'm really glad a path forward has been provided.
  8. Cosmic Chroma at your service. I'm but a neophyte truth seeker, still struggling even with basic virtues like humility. I've heard it said that identifying with one's thoughtstreams is attachment to duality and misery. They may be on to something, there.
  9. Yeah, owning land on SecondLife was a little less fun when it involved being economically exploited. I don't know, I just recall some bitterness at the time, like our commonwealth had just been privatized by a newly-forged class of oligarchs.
  10. I suppose the difference between role play and authentic self is whether or not you identify with your character, whether or not you believe you are *formless*. But things can get even weirder, such as a tulpa member from your system going out onto Second Life.
  11. The fabric is reality itself, the evidence is the natural world of which we are a part, just tiny moving pieces of the cosmos, exploring or singing the experience of material existence. How can two pieces of yourself not still be equally 'of you' just because their local perspectives are limited?
  12. The above message gets Jeffrey Dahmer's stamp of approval. 🍽️
  13. Straw man fallacy, much? You're the first person here to suggest an edict from the cosmos was somehow involved. Did "God" call you up and tell you this, too? I thought we already established that morality and commandments and edicts chiselled on stone are the antithesis of Universal Human Rights, but here you go trying to conflate the two!
  14. Well, you're absolutely at liberty to reach that conclusion and argue against the existence of your Universal Human Rights. But regardless of whether or not you believe in them, they are nevertheless real. You just cited some monotheistic religious cults, but they all stem from the same Roman Catholic Empire, itself founded upon an indefensible act of betrayal against the ancients and imperious tyranny against spiritual plurality. Until they renounce the Edict of Thessalonica, and institutionalized misogyny, their religious institutions cannot speak credibly nor be cited on matters pertaining to human rights, not with that looming over them still. The snark is strong in you, but it is not an adequate response to the merits.
  15. Okay, so I'll put you in the "does not believe in Universal Human Rights" camp. That puts you in such lovely company, good luck with that.
  16. It's one of humanity's oldest pathologies, cultivated by a succession of cults that learned they could benefit from its effects and then proceeded to exploit humanity with this system again and again, and now once more they make their earnest push to enslave and debase everything with breathtaking cognitive dissonance and confusion of tongues/minds at a scale the western world has not witnessed recently.
  17. The evidence surrounds you, envelops you. It is the fabric of reality itself. Much has been written about these rights, which are abstract rather than mere material measurable things. You can learn more about natural rights and the essential Enlightenment Age philosophy upon which liberal democracy and the west are well-founded over there on wikipedia and elsewhere.
  18. No; living in liberty and equality are a natural state of being, not an imposed moral framework. It's a description, not the ten commandments.
  19. AI Deep Style generator, from here: https://deepdreamgenerator.com
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