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  1. I am grateful for self-knowledge, and for growth into different forms of being. I'm grateful for the sense of expansion that is a flourishing life, for how that feels, for how it's as natural a part of life as breathing. I'm grateful for the seemingly impossible depth to life's most worthy treasures, practices, arts, and pursuits.
  2. Reality is probably far more awesome than a simulation EBsynth is so cool. Anyone apply it to their SL machinima yet?
  3. A loving new reissue describing clearly the unity of art, spirit, thought, color, sight, and sensory experience.
  4. Still want to find this or possibly start it. We could use any Sandbox or private backyard that seems quiet. It's hard to imagine anyone would disturb us. Let's build a network of growing and developing artists on Second Life. I'm interested in figure drawing and specifically anthropomorphic beings, but also living things generally, whatever that means, and just anything classic, like still life, architecture, landscape. I think because of how I felt about my experience with charcoal, I was always supposed to be a painter too but that was never really my track at school. Weirdly, my
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