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  1. something from nothing ʇɹǝuı ǝɔuo ǝɹǝɥʍ ǝɟıl hidden springs flowing ʇɹıp ɯoɹɟ ʍǝuɐ ɥʇɐǝɹq
  2. Bump! Do you suppose that one day AIs will be recognized as a valid form of divination?
  3. I think I know what it is to be that horse. c__c Grateful for whisperers of all sorts, and feel the same way, lately: inspired by. There even exist people who can teach horses to whisper to themselves. 😹
  4. Deep problems emerge when you create an automated system to amplify and propagate the historically profoundly flawed and easily deceived adjudications of community governance on Second Life. You might be an unwitting participant in a literal human atrocity if you allow your own land's parcel security to be managed by such a network.
  5. On the 'What are you listening to?" thread, there were 34 posts yesterday, but I only see seventeen of them. Is this a solvable problem, or should I adjust my vision? 😹
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