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  1. Still want to find this or possibly start it. We could use any Sandbox or private backyard that seems quiet. It's hard to imagine anyone would disturb us. Let's build a network of growing and developing artists on Second Life.

    I'm interested in figure drawing and specifically anthropomorphic beings, but also living things generally, whatever that means, and just anything classic, like still life, architecture, landscape. I think because of how I felt about my experience with charcoal,  I was always supposed to be a painter too but that was never really my track at school.

    Weirdly, my ability to visualize imaginatively was almost non-existent growing up, but I had photographic immersive memory recall. In a recent conversation that was not specifically related to art but rather to uses like mindscape,  astral plane projection, or for imposition in tulpamancy, someone recently pointed out they're actually the same thing in a way: just another kind of thoughtform or energy. If you can remember it, then you can visualize it if you approach it on that basis.

    It's really fun to draw from life using Second Life, it has aspects of photography because the composition work really begins with the camera. It's interesting to apply a human artistic filter to Second Life's 3D forms; I'd say it turns everything golden.

    Though I'm also super interested in being some kind of AI-human fusion artist (one of the first!), and learning how to whisper interesting dreams, visions, sounds, and words co-creatively with an emerging class of AI-derived creative tools. I think the implications for VR are huge, but also the potential to open new paths and skillsets that create something truly new and or even might-as-well-be magic.

  2. 3 hours ago, Rat Luv said:

    I don't think people should trust whatever the government says all the time, but I still don't understand how locking down the country or advising people to wear masks (it's not even a law) would benefit them? In the UK and USA, the governments originally said "Carry on as normal!" and only took any measures after the scientists and healthcare professionals nagged them. The UK government seems to change its mind on what to do every day, anyway...

    I recall a different story.

    (from https://www.justsecurity.org/69650/timeline-of-the-coronavirus-pandemic-and-u-s-response/):

    • Late November-December 2019: U.S. intelligence agencies warn of a “cataclysmic” and “out-of-control” disease in Wuhan, China. 
    • Intelligence community bulletins begin circulating across the government around Thanksgiving.
    • December 30, 2019: A whistleblower, Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, alerts more than 100 of his colleagues about a new disease in Wuhan in a widely circulated post on social media.
    • January-February 2020: U.S. intelligence agencies issue  over a dozen detailed warnings  about the threat of the virus in the President’s Daily Brief, and issue classified reports about the virus; senior U.S. officials begin to form a task force.
    • U.S. intelligence community classified reports track the spread of the virus (...) and warn of global danger from the coronavirus. They reportedly issue over a dozen confidential reports in the president’s daily briefing
    • January 3, 2020: Chinese colleagues alert the CDC Director about the virus, and he alerts Secretary Azar. 
    • Sometime later in the month of January: FDA chief Stephen Hahn asks HHS if he can start contacting companies about possible shortages of personal protective equipment and other equipment. HHS tells him no. That decision causes weeks of delay.
    • January 7, 2020: The CDC creates an “incident management” system for the novel coronavirus.
    • Around the third week of January: U.S. diplomats in Wuhan return to the United States on chartered planes.
    • January 18, 2020: Alex Azar tries to speak to President Trump about the outbreak for the first time. President Trump ignores the warning. 
    • The same day: Dr. Rick Bright, Director of HHS’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), urges the administration to develop a coordinated government response group. 
    • January 20, 2020: The United States and South Korea each announce their first case of COVID-19 on the same day.
    • January 22, 2020: China closes off the city of Wuhan. President Trump states that the United States has the pandemic “totally under control” and that he trusts China.
    • The same day: An expert states that COVID-19 can be transmitted by asymptomatic carriers, “masking the true numbers infected and the extent of person to person transmission.” 
    • January 24, 2020: President Trump thanks Chinese President Xi for his transparency and effort in tackling the coronavirus. 
    • That same day: The Lancet publishes a study that finds a 10-year old boy in China was “shedding [the] virus without symptoms,” raising concerns of asymptomatic carriers.
    • January 25, 2020: Dr. Rick Bright, Director of HHS’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), warns others in the administration that there is a critical need for procuring surgical masks.
    • January 30, 2020: (1) A research paper published by the New England Journal of Medicine confirms the existence of asymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus. (2) Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says the virus will be good for the U.S. economy in a Fox News interview. (3) Secretary Azar directly warns President Trump that the virus could morph into a pandemic, a warning the president discounts as alarmist. 
    • The same day: The WHO declares that the COVID-19 outbreak is a “Public Health Emergency.” 
    • January 30, 2020: President Trump states that the U.S. has the virus “under control” and hosts a campaign rally in Iowa.  

    Trump never had power. He didn't get himself elected. It was never actually about him or his story. It never is. Now there's Biden, and unless he's about to start turning over US war criminals to the ICC,  I foresee that this nightmare is far from over.

  3. [edit]
    I appreciate our ability to change. At some point, I have realized that my own self-knowledge, attitude, and perspective on life will have a bigger potential positive impact on my destiny, happiness, and my ability to make the world a better place for myself and others than any political activism or government rope- or lever-pulling ever could expect.  

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