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  1. 2 minutes ago, Paul Hexem said:

    I'm pretty sure you just described the plot of one of the Mad Max sequels. It's amazing the lights are still on in my house, it's absolute chaos out there! Who's even running these SL servers with all the mad barbarians destroying civilization? How is this forum up? With conditions like you're describing, society is gone. At least I don't have to worry about my bills anymore.

    ... Unless you're exaggerating. Maybe I should pay this month's bills anyway, just in case.

    This sort of diversion does not work when hundreds of thousands of people are being murdered by madness.

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  2. 7 hours ago, Paul Hexem said:

    ... The Crusades?

    What army is chasing you? Did they invade your country to do it? Where's your country's military? Is this an 80's movie where you're alone against a thousand people and you never have to reload, like Stallone?

    Somehow, I think you're exaggerating.


    I won't lie and say I'm a minority, but I've certainly been excluded because of my physical attributes. Is it fun? No. Did I dwell? No. I went and did something productive and left them in their ignorance, and lived a happy, productive life without ever knowing what became of them.

    Oh, you may not have gotten the memo. The major beacons of freedom across the planet have been targeted by an international hard-right fascist conspiracy to subvert liberal democracy and roll back any political or economic or social progress of the last half-century and erect in its place a monotheistic misogynistic psychopathic endlessly raping degrading world of neocolonialism, extraction, enslavement, atrocity, disempowerment, hopelessness, squalor, meaninglessness, harmful traumatic loss, and spiritual misery.

    All the good things that generations of our society had worked so painstakingly to build for us to live well, the most defining things that make this civilization what and who it is, have been systemically attacked, and these mad barbarians have been firing for effect. Every step of the way, nothing adequate has been done to stop these assaults which have so badly swamped all the world  since Gore V Bush failed and their insurrection grapped power. It's been a crazy extralegal trip at the barrel of a shotgun the entire way ever since.

    You could try being any of the following things in the United States of America these last four decades:

    • a true believer in all the spiritual implications of the Enlightenment Age's cultic dedication to liberty and equality
    • LGBTQI
    • non-white or non-male or non-abrahamicjudeochristian
    • Someone who believes that elections must be fair in order for the resulting government to be legitimate and credible, and someone who believes that governments must be credible and answerable to higher authority on absolute issues of Universal Human Rights and equal rights of all, and someone who believes that justice must first and foremost preserve collective rights and the Earth itself from the abuses of power.
    • A sufferer of conditions related to prior trauma or abuse from a guardian or authority figure without a means of escape or help.' (Abusive POTUS feels exactly same as reliving abusive parent, old deep triggers endlessly tickled by failed government, without escape. Without escape! Without escape for a decade and more!).
    • A member of the public who requires access to health care without it being a threat to their or their family's financial health.
    • A member of the public who suffers disease caused by dangers our failed system of regulation would have reduced or eliminated without the subversion and corruption of Federal regulatory capture.
    • Someone who has studied the cycles of human history enough to begin to understand in a basic way the universal shapes and fundamental properties that emerge from unchecked pathological human behavior, ideology, and inequity.
    • Someone who believes that their happiness and their wellness are natural rights and movements that degrade them on ideological grounds lack legitimacy.
    • Someone who needs class mobility because their parents self-destructed, "found God' (darkness), and destroyed their families with hard right ideology and madness.
    • Someone who needs to not watch our planet die a psychopathic violent death by mass-scale industrial poisoning. This planet is literally our creator, embodied. It was always our only hope, without it we have nothing, we are nothing. When we degrade it, we degrade the beauty of the cosmos and most of all we degrade ourselves.
    • Someone who needs hope believing that the madness of ungovernable anarchic capitalism and piracy will end, there will be peace and goodwill among men on earth, and we will ascend and take our places among the stars.

    This entire thing, since 2000, has been a completely intolerable sequence of abuses, deprivations, degredations, and traumatizations and shocks. I have never at any point in my adult life just been allowed to be well and fluorish, again and again the rug has been pulled out from under us all by this wrongful extreme ideological occupation of what was supposed to be liberal democracy. Every time we think we're figured out the newest varation of 'hard mode' for the world being set by these madmen and begin to make progress anew, there is a novel violent upheavel of the paradigms of life and the consternation and harm scatters the fire and douses the light again and again, leaving us stumbling, blind, confused, dismayed in life again and again and again. We want to be spiritual creatures and celebrate the wonder that is life, and they keep throwing on the yoke of enslavement, cognitive dissonance, exploitation, and treating us all like beasts.

    History, and the last decades, have shown us that they will not stop, these enemies of modern global civilization, and they will never stop until they have been stopped with a finality. It's been like this every time in history, we should have stopped this twenty years ago, we should have stopped this fifteen years ago, we should have stopped this ten years ago, we should have stopped this five years ago. This is literally destroying the lives of entire generations and the entire planet. It's creeping madness and the only way to stop it is to stop it.

    Why do you deny? Why don't you care? Why do you troll? Does that give you back the world and the life and the wellness that they stole and still exfiltrate from you? What will denial, inaction, and the diversion of others from realizations about the state of this world accomplish, Paul? Wouldn't it be better to say nothing at all than to falsely minimize actual atrocity? After all, you might influence someone. You do not want to be a part of the darkness that is attacking this world.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Paul Hexem said:

    No difference.

    There's always going to be people that don't like X, whatever X is.

    Now, X can spend their entire lives fighting with that selection of people that don't like them, or move on and live happy, productive lives that aren't influenced by the people that don't like them.

    So again I reiterate, being able to shrug and move on isn't taught enough anymore, because we're too busy coddling people and telling them that they're the most special and everyone has to like them or risk being cancelled!

    What if it's a conspiracy of people so hell-belt to get at you that they will crash governments, end civilization, start wars, or spread plagues just in hopes of removing you as an individual or as an idea from the world? What if they broadcast their message in every city and town across a country? What if they form alliances and affiliations organized primarily on the principle of removing your culture from the world? What if they're chasing you out of your community, your job, your life? You rebuild and it happens again because they are legion and spreading like virii? I suppose you're just supposed to keep abandoning your life and fleeing like a refugee who never gets to own anything, develop in the ways that require stability and certainty, never has agency because the agents of malaise systemically oppress it with 1001 cuts and indignities and losses? What then when waters are lapping at the doors of your life ready to subsume?

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