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  1. I recall a different story. (from https://www.justsecurity.org/69650/timeline-of-the-coronavirus-pandemic-and-u-s-response/): Late November-December 2019: U.S. intelligence agencies warn of a “cataclysmic” and “out-of-control” disease in Wuhan, China. Intelligence community bulletins begin circulating across the government around Thanksgiving. December 30, 2019: A whistleblower, Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, alerts more than 100 of his colleagues about a new disease in Wuhan in a widely circulated post on social media. January-February 2020: U.S. intelligence agenci
  2. [edit] I appreciate our ability to change. At some point, I have realized that my own self-knowledge, attitude, and perspective on life will have a bigger potential positive impact on my destiny, happiness, and my ability to make the world a better place for myself and others than any political activism or government rope- or lever-pulling ever could expect.
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