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  1. Go to the main store. Inside the front door on the right is the Up grade room. You will see a kiosk there that will give you new folders with the parts you have. When you put on the parts from those folders with the included HUD, you will have to co through the configuration and synchronization process for your parts.
  2. I'd pass on the pasta completely. Shredded roasted chicken breast, crushed pineapple, chopped celery, slivered almonds, craisins (sun dried cranberries). Mixed with just a touch of buttermilk ranch dressing. Piled generously between two slices of homemade whole wheat bread. With carrot sticks on the side and a cup of crab soup. Finished off with a scoop of Raspberry Sorbet. In fact, that's precisely what I made for dinner last night. :smileyhappy:
  3. I had the same problem. I normally have both the latest version of Phoenix and Firestorm loaded. Normally when I updated and did a clean install I would go in and delete the contents of the files (cache files) in Windows>Users>XX>App Data>Local and in Windows>Users>XX>App Data>Roaming and that would do the trick. But I found when I did the install from the last version of Phoenix it didn't completely uninstall and had left some files in Windows>Programs (x86). I took me a few tries before I figured this out but, once I made sure all remnants of the older versions were gone they both (Phoenix and Firestorm) worked like a charm. Hope you get the problem worked out. Good Luck.
  4. Great, make wild claims about content theft when SOPA becomes law and what will you get. SL & MP will get arbitrarily shut down without any real evidence needed. And everyone who lists merchandise on MP will become un-indicted co-conspirators. And just to posit an opinion, if there have been DMCA's filed and nothing has been done, perhaps it's because there is no credible evidence of a violation. Whining and moaning about a friend's content (and I notice it's always a "friend" or someone I know) being stolen in the forums is useless. The only one who has a legitimate right to complain is the actual creator, not their hordes of friends or customers. So I wish people would just give it a rest. Content theft won't matter much when there is no more SL or MP because some unfounded accusation has been made and the Justice Department sticks their nose into it.
  5. Watched a couple of the videos. Virtual Miami looks like it was chopped and pasted from GTA:Vice City, sans the cars and mayhem. And what's with the humongous hands, no sliders? I mean, they were HUGE!!
  6. That is curious. Trailers are notorious tornado magnets, along with grain silos and pre-fab housing developments.
  7. Bye-byeeeee. Maybe when you grow up you can try sl again. Or not.
  8. If you hadn't blabbed it in the forums, who would have ever known but you?
  9. Ok, just take that 350 million out of what you still owe us for lend lease and saving your butt, plus the 60 years of interest And I'm not nation bashing, otherwise I would have said something about the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. What a dumb name.
  10. No if you had said : Top, lingerie and accessories by Moschino. Pumps by Halston Skirt and collar by Fram I might have believed it........ :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
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