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  1. thank you so much everyone who was encouraging and helpful... ITS FIXED!!!! i dont know why or how?? but it is running smoothly again/// but i did save it to a different spot this time i saved it to the desktop.. which i dont know if it helped or not but then i had like a millilion things on the desktop when i was done.. so i am gonna try a install in the normal spot and see what happens cross your fingers thanks again and i hope my trouble will help someone else who needs it .
  2. i am not using beta 2 i am unable to even get the log on screen to load w that one.. but i feel better to know that sl has not changed everything and that is why i am unab;e to play. so see it is not my comp just someting on my comp. now to figure out what?? does anyone have any duggestions?? i have uninstalled all software that i know of that i had installed hust before the prob started.. would a windows update have maybe caused it?? thank you so much in letting me know i am not alone now i dont feel so hopeless. do you think it is something wrong with my account?? like where i was when i logged off before the prob maybe there was a virus?? ty again
  3. i was just thinking since sl uses a browser(ie:firefox) do you think i should uninstall my browser and reinstall:: do you think that would do anything:
  4. second life 1.23.5(136262) Oct 14,2009 12:08:26(second life release) release notes built with MSVC version 1400 CPU:Intel Pentium 4 (Unkown model) (3391 MHZ) Memory : 1023 MB OS Version : Microsoft windows xp service pack 3(build 2600) graphics card vendor :ATI technologies inc. Graphics card : ATI radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series Windows graphics driver version: 8.593.100-100210a-095952E-ATI Open gl version:2.1.8545 release libcurl version : libcurl/7.18.1openssl/0.9.8jzlib/1.2.3 j2C Decoder version :KDU Audio driver version - 2.01.31499 (mozilla gre version
  5. ok lets see, first: yes i will try and get on long enough to write down the info you need from sl viewer. yes i have managed to remove everything i had on at one point and all that happened was i was naked the next time i crashed. the onlymessage i get when i crash is " second life has crashed do you want to send a error report" and sometimes if i try and x out before it crasehs or try and minimize the window so maybe it wont crash it crashes and says second life froze or crashed " I did another update of my driver and have yet to try sl again since but the driver i have at this moment is ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series Version 8.593.100.0 date 2/10/2010 i updated directly from ati website. i am using avast Anti virus but yes i have tried playing while it is disabled and still crash crash and had this installed before using sl for the first time. YES, that is what is bothering me sooo badly because i have always had this setup (well before i updated driver was X300/X550/X86 SSE2 ) and this processor and comp and os. I have same amount of memory as i did when i first started playing.... and I have always used the viewer from sl.com not the new one but the current viewer that is not beta 1.23 something i believe. I bought htis comp from a friend i am a single mom and a full time student so this was a huge upgrade for me and i was soo excited... it runs really well and havent had problems till now... and i am kinda a comp dummy so i wouldnt have know what to ask him about when i bought it,, i use windows firewall and before when it was working(sl) i had it to where it was allowed by the firewall. yes windows update is set to automatic i am comp iliterate so can you explain in detail what you mean by ports open?? and how i can open them if they are not? i am going to check the inside of the comp first thing in the morning , but i am just afraid of messing somehting up when i get inside there.as far as i can tell they dont run all the time constantly or nonstop currently i have no viewers installed nor do i have sl installed although i am getting ready to try a clean install once again and see if i have any luck i keep praying that it will magically fix itself no there are no viewers yet and i dont plan on downloading any but the one from sl unless you think it will help?? where exactly are the settings.xml files?? thank you so much for being so thourogh and really caring i appreciate it very much you are awesome
  6. yes , sorry i should have mentioned that before i have cleaned both caches on the viewer, on my browsers, i have used atf cleaner to clean my comp temp files, i have done everything except throw the comp in the road. i am so sad i was so excited when i got this comp and started sl because before that i had a hewlit packard that had win me on it and i could do nothing at all game wise or anything else. now this is a farely new comp and it is a nice one and has extra memory thought it had a good graphics card, and now i am left with nothing i am so so sad..... could it have been the region i was in the time before i started havin this problem ?? i was in an adult area. could i have gotten a virus from there or in the viewer or soemthing along those lines?? i am not sure.. and i dont understand why it will load in meerkat and nothing else are there better versions of third party viewers out there that i can try>?? i have tried meerkat, emerald, and the 2.0 sl viewer.please any help is appreciated.. also i think it is worth mentioning that i have also tried to create a new account and see if it woudl work then. it didnt ty again
  7. thank you but i have already updated the driver then sl said it was incompatible and it was a 2010 version then i went back to old one and crasjh again i dont get it i was on here for months then all of a sudden crash crash crash i am so upset i dontknopw what to do i have tried lowering all graphics and no help
  8. I am unable to play unless i use the meerkat viewer and it goes sooo slow and wont load all the images. i have tried updateing my graphics driver and then it said i didnjt have a compatible one. i had played for three months with no problems then al of a sudden i can log on and a minute later I am kicked off with a crash>> i am so frustrated and mad. i just wanna play again. please help me i am running w xp pro and have a dell with a graphics card radeon x300 and have pentium 4 processor with 3.49 ghz and 1.00gb please i am begging anyone help ?
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