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  1. Stay away from NFL/NewFound Land Estates. They're currently imploding and just screwed us out of a month's rent because the owner left, the new people didn't get the money, blah, blah, blah.. drama. If you don't want your sim closed out from under you because they're gone bankrupt, rent from someone else.
  2. Let's see.. day 4 and my animations are still being replaced nightly. This isn't fixed, Linden Labs. Not by a long shot. Either Ebbe is full of, or being fed a pile of, bull**bleep**.
  3. Vista Barnes wrote: Linden labs should send an email when they replace content. There should be a list of the content replaced with the original animation names. That will help me to identify and report it to LL and also to provide a temporally solution. Nope, no e-mail from the Labs and yes, it was Vista animations I lost. Probably from the Dangerous Man pack bought many years ago. I've opened a ticket with LL, but they're confused as to what the problem is. I pointed them at this thread, but no reasonable answer has come out of that.
  4. My Vista animations from years ago got IP Replaced two days ago. I bought a walking animation from Akeyo yesterday afternoon... I logged in this evening, and it was IP replaced. I'm completely and totally pissed off, and there's nowhere to complain to. Seriously, WTF. Linden Labs? How? What exactly do I report? I don't have the old item names...? Vista? Akeyo? They didn't do anything, except maybe sold animations that got flagged DMCA. Maybe they're reselling solen items, how the hell should I know?
  5. I lost about 15 from Vista -- the only place I've bought them from before yesterday. Male animations, from maybe 4 years ago. I have no idea the names. If they come back, they come back. It was an expensive day yesterday to replace even some of them..
  6. I have a prim that I'd like to move along it's own (local) X axis. Let's say it's an animal, when I touch it I want it to move forward. I have it's position with llGetPos(), it's rotation with llGetRot(). If I want to move along the region's X axis, well that's easy: vector pos = llGetPos(); pos.x = pos.x + 1; llSetPos(pos); But if I rotate the prim, it still moves along the region's x axis (sideways), as I would expect but not what I want. What's the method for combining the rotation with the position to say, "move *forward* 1 meter"? This has to be simple, but I've been googling this for a bit, and I'm missing the right keywords here. Lots of information about moving linked prims relative to the region or the root, but I actually just want the root prim to move.
  7. The ray is a good idea, but I was looking for something a bit more slower and missile like. One thing I didn't mention is that I'm specifically avoiding mouse-look. Much like a platformer game, it needs to be viewed side-on and from a distance. Thank you.
  8. All right, it looks like I'll stick with a physical missle. It's supposed to be slow moving, and I'm dreading interference from things like wind, other physical objectsn nearby, and frankly being manipulated easily by the user. Thanks
  9. I'm planning a shooting gallery type game, and am struggling to find collisions that work. What I'd like is: * A root prim (backdrop) with linked prims (targets) attached to the front of it. * A "missle" prim to be thrown/fired at the targets. I'm trying to get the linked prims to handle their own collision events. The only combination that seems to make any sense at all is: * Root prim and linked prims are non-physical non-phantom. * Missle is physical. Anthing else and the linked prims don't get a collide() event. Is there any way to do this with a non-physical missle?
  10. Okay, that may be the stupidest post I've made yet. Sorry about that, I had a window open (script) in front of the contents tab and didn't notice they were all renamed after I dropped the folder in there. Then went off to read the function description and... D'oh. Thank you.
  11. I have a prim that contains a script and a bunch of items, all identically named. They are transfer but no copy. When the prim is touched, I want to give ONE of the items to the toucher. If I understand right, llGiveIventory() will give the entire bunch of items with that name, right? Other than renaming the items to be unique -- really, not what I'd hoped to do -- how can I give one of those items away?
  12. I'd be happy to plonk down cash for good brown hair (on the short side) that's greying a bit. Not blonde highlights, but honest grey. But every hair designer in SL, as far as I can tell, assumes that if you've got greying hair you must have started off with black hair. I realize that it's easy to just take black hair and start fading it to grey but designers... this happens with colors *other* than black. Red-headed man or brown-haired men don't go grey, right? You bet their ass they do. A few years ago, I wound up hacking up a mod hair just to get some grey, and I'd like to wear something a little bit more professionally done. Who's got stuff like this?
  13. Hmmm.. so unless I want to actually hack up a TPV to play with this, it's not much use. There's potential for much better inventory management in SL, thought there might be an opportunity here. Thanks though!
  14. I wouldn't normally open with such a vague question but I stumbled across this LL Inventory API Some of the other API's listed on the page (World, Seach, Snapshot) have URL's and are usable from my browser window. The Registration API has a whole bunch of information associated with it. The Inventory API has.. almost nothing on how it's called, who can call it, what addresses are used, etc.. And the function calls themselves ("FetchInventory2") are one-word googlewhacks.
  15. I'm told that when you delete an inventory item that's part of an "outfit" that you're supposed to get a warning. In fact, I've seen this warning demonstrated by others. I don't get the warning. SL will happily let me delete items that are part of an outfit. I don't dare run a purge now, because I had assumed the warning would have prevented a mistake... Does anyone know why I wouldn't see this warning and other friends do?
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