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  1. hm.. I have tried to find the region/sim my av is trapped in by searching for it on the map via a different account, but somehow it doesn't show on the map at all - neither the region, nor the sim, nor my av... so I guess either the sim in question is still down - or it has been deleted or something - though at least the region shoukld show up - but it just says 'loading' all the time without anything happening - and I can't even tp to the place where my av has apparently been detected, cuz the function is greyed-out... ( ...I just hope I will get my account back running soon...
  2. ah, okay... I think I understand now... thankyou VERY much, Nyll... I was getting kinda desperate here... I /have/ filed a ticket, but unfortunately was unable to say where I was trapped... but maybe I will be able to find out where by usung the way descibed in the link you kindly posted in your reply...
  3. hi, I cannot log into SL at all any more - every time I try, this error message pops up: >> Login failed. The system is logging you out right now. Your account will not be available until Pacific Time. << what happens, is this: I try to log in as always, say at 10:30h my time - then, after a second or two the above message pops up, with the date and time given as such - then, when I try to log in at the stated time, the error message will pop up again, giving me a different time, about 3-4 minutes later than the time I am trying to log in at any moment , and when I try to log in at /that/ time, the message pops up yet again, giving me a different time yet again, and so on and so forth until all eternity... but I cannot log in... and trying in between the times stated has no effect, either... one thing I noticed... my name shows up as ONLINE to all my friends all the time... so, I guess, somehow SL has at one point never been able to log me out properly - and now I cannot log in, because SL is still trying to log me out... but even if I am correct in assuming that.. what now ??? I wanna go online again !... help, pleeease, anyone !
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