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  1. I thought all the hopefulness had already been beaten out of me, but this news makes me feel hopeful again, so welcome to Rod Humble, and good luck!
  2. Do you mean that Linden Lab sent you a Landmark address to your home, but when you got there, it was a piece of land with no house built on it? If that's what happened, it was an automated error. To fix it, you stand on your land, click the land, and select "ABANDON LAND". After you have abandoned that piece of land, wait a few minutes, then go back to the Second Life website, and apply again for a home. It will let you go through all the steps over again, and send you a 2nd landmark, and that one should have a house on it.
  3. Is it abuse that I'm often a rabbit in SL, when in RL I'm not really? Darn. Anyway, even a male playing a male in SL can represent themselves differently from reality and hurt someone's feelings, but that would not qualify for an Abuse Report. People make their own decisions in SL about who they form attachments with.
  4. In SL's rules, you can Change anywhere you want to, although some people avoid changing in PG public areas out of politeness. Your invitiation to go to a Changing Area might have been an advertisement, or a friend or yours might have been inside a place named Changing Area when they invited you to join them, or the owner of a store might have been inviting you to move into their Changing Rooms there. Your home parcel might be unable to rez certain items if those items contain too many "prims". Your land parcel has a limit as to how many prims it can rez in total.
  5. I'm confused by the question. If it's an adult user roleplaying as a 16 year old, ageplay is only banned in regards to sexual activity. Not all mature sims have sexual content. Ageplay is not banned by sim rating. If it's a 16 year old user in real life, accessing the adult grid, they're not permitted ANYwhere in SL. Sim rating is irrelevant.
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