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  1. I use beta viewer and I'm trying to do the new beta update..I do it.. then it keeps makeing me do it again once logging out of sl...I'm really puzzled is there a problem with the updates or it just me
  2. I don't have a group but would like to send the same note card to all my friends on my list . Is there a way of doing this or do I have to send them individually. If anyone can help much appreciated.. Selina
  3. I need to send out note cards to all my friends on my list. Is it possible to send all note cards at one time, it would be so much easier. If so could someone please tell me how to do? Much appreciated. Selina
  4. I am using sl viewer 2 my friend's using pheonix he changed his SL profile pic but now I only see one SL changed pic but not the 2nd SL pic he put in ...On his viewer he see's both changed.. anyone else having this problem?
  5. I've been trying from suggestions from forum but it's not working for me. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Finally my mind is at ease all the profiles are showing now. Thanks to all that helped, you all made my night. ;- ))
  7. I appreciate your response and ty for your info but I don't think I clearafied myself that when he saved his pic into my pc and clicked the save on the image is when he lost his entire profile and stated that it was a non agreeable or corrupted file. Other's can still see his entire profile but he can't , neither can I. Hope this helps abit more for helping me with my problem.
  8. I need help please...........:A friend was using my computer to fix his profile. He was trying to send a image to the HD, once there it was clicked on and saved but forgot to put his profile up before doing so. Now I can't get any of my profiles up it says frame load interrupted by policy change....I realize now it was his account but using my pc, how do I fix this problem now???? I'm at my witts end.......HELP !!!
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