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  1. I've only made a few simple meshes, and admit immediately that I am not very well versed in the technicalities and problems. But I am a huge buyer of mesh items in SL, and the biggest problem I encounter is not about LOD - it's the huge and multiple textures used on mesh items by many creators. I recently worked on an LEA sim which I wasn't able to finish for personal reasons. However, I was looking forward to using the many plants, objects and furniture I had bought with a view to using them in the sim I was building. Unfortunately, nearly all of the objects I bought had multiple 1024x1024 textures on them... in one case seven on a small bottle-shaped object. I found ribbons and tiny parts of objects and furniture with 1024x1024 textures. The number of textures you can use in a sim is finite. The larger the textures, the fewer you can use. If I could change one thing about meshes in SL, it would be to insist that smaller textures should be the norm and not 1024x1024. At the very least provide smaller versions and give the customer some choice. As it is, I have a lot of expensive and basically unusable pretty things in my inventory.
  2. I installed Sierra after avoiding it for ages, and it makes my Mac completely unusable in Second Life. Having been stable and online for hours at a time in areas of high complexity on the previous version but one, I am now crashing after five minutes at home on a sky box, and after seconds in shops and clubs. It seems to me that it is a very risky business, forcing your customers to use outdated OS software in order to be able to use your product. Given that the income LL depends on is from the current users of Second Life and very many of them will be using Macs, it seems ridiculous that they hven't paid any attention to the problem yet. I am posting here, merely to add my voice to the others in this thread asking them to fix it. I turned my graphics slider down, but apart from making some things look very odd, it doesn't seem to help. Kokua viewer crashed after about five minutes in an empty club. I am now rolling back to my previous OS viewer, but it makes Pixelmator inaccessible to me now. However, I rely on Sl and OS for my work and thus have no choice.
  3. I was pointed in the direction of this thread and the mention of Numbakulla.... I haven't been to see the build, but having lived in a Linden sim for some time, I can say that I barely ever bump into any of my neighbours. People use them as place holders mostly, they don't have enough prims for serious use as homes, even with mesh. People don't use SL the way that LL think they do... and the emptiness of the Linden Homes sims proves that. The reason that themed residential areas are successful where they are run by residents, is that they bring together people who have something in common. Unfortunately you really can't manufacture community in the way that LL are trying to do it. The 24,000 people who played Numbakulla to the end not only had SL and the game in common, but many of them were also fans of Cyan games. Numba wasn't a copy of any Cyan game, but it was an homage to the questing games that Cyan produces. The problem with the way LL does games, is that the idea or vision is usually imposed from above, and the people who have to make the game reality don't actually get to decide very much. Add in the constant pressure to get things done by unreasonable deadlines and it isn't surprising that they lack cohesion and depth of backstory etc. I was fired as a mole for asking for more money for the original music I had been making, but I longed to make an experience like Numbakulla on a bigger scale. Working on Linden Realms nearly killed me, and not just because we had so little time to put it together. It was agonizing watching so many resources and sims be put to so little actual use. I've always thought that games were the very best way to teach anything, and I think a questing game with an internal logic which was fun to play and also taught new people about the way the world works could be a wonderful thing. It's never going to be made by LL though. It would require one creator with vision to be put in charge, and allowed to make it fit with their vision, and I don't think LL would ever hand over the creative responsibility in that way. But you know what you get when you design things by committee... and it usually isn't art or magic.
  4. I have used my paypal to buy Lindens on many occasions and recently. Why am I being told I am unable to buy Lindens and not authorized suddenly? I see someone else asked the same question - it's a shame you can't reply to an answered question because if the answer doesn't satisfy the questioner there appears to be nothing to do except ask another question and start again. Seems to have been a temporary problem, which fixed itself. It's the first time I have experienced this in ten years of SL - and yes, there were sufficient funds in the account.
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