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  1. Recently I noticed a company had been severely neglected. They still have employees and everything seems to function, but it's barely still going. Most of the landmarks it provides are outdated and not useful. I was instructed by an in store support employee that I could attempt to contact the management team. The CEO no longer comes up in search and the Operations and Support Manager lists in his profile that he is no longer working for them. Is there anything I can do to attempt to acquire this business?
  2. I have the latest version of the Phoenix Viewer and it worked fine for some time. Recently it started acting up though. I never changed my settings as far as I know, but I've been sharing my laptop with my boyfriend and any changes he makes seem to affect my account. He says he has no idea why it's acting up and that he didn't change anything. What my problem is is that objects are disappearing as I zoom in. I tried to Google help, but people seem to assume that I'm accidentally zooming inside the objects and that's why I can't see them. That's not the case though. The objects are disappearing
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