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  1. So in the Main article about the Bento project, it is intimated that there are common creation tools that have the new bones in them for manipulation. Can anyone articulate which these are? Have they been put into SLAT (my favoirte) or Q-Avimator? or do we now have to use Blender, Poser or Maya? I am very interested in the facial bones and would like a simple tool to do only facial animations that I can layer onto my whole body anims. Any clues or pointers? I must say, this will be an interesting adventure for those of us long time people who have longed to be able to get past the lame facial
  2. I am trying to find the male and female meshes for avatars in second life - Actually I found the avatar _mes.obj file but I need a .cr2 file to load into Daz Studio - does anyone know where to find them - everyone talks abou them and simplys says down load them from SL. I am not able to find them.
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