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  1. I think that premium should have their names frozen so no one else can use it, just one more perk for paying to use SL. I am premium and have been for years. I also spend a lot on money in world too, so I don't feel I should be treated as a non paying basic account holder. I think LL needs to add incentive to premium account holders than they do. This name change should aonly be available to premium accounts....period. Give us something that makes us special other than a reciept saying we pay each month.
  2. Just another thought, there are several things that don't work as they used to in the new viewer. One of them is the user name being truncated to 31 characters.....not a big deal unless you have an avatar that used to be able to log into SL in the old viewer but now can't. Now LL is wasting time on adding another name to the ones we already have instead of fixing what is already broken. Reminds of a dog chasing it's tail and a company that is not intouch with it's user base. I am premium and i don't have anymore privilages or abilities than a new resident on a free basic account.
  3. Just in my humble opinion, the Name Change feature should be a premium service offer. It would cut down on greifing and people stealing names or trying to impersonate another resident. LL needs to make a better and greater distinction between "Free Basic" accounts and premium accounts and this is one of those times it should be done.
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