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  1. Goldenstar Sands

    Bringing Inventory into Sansar (SL 2.0)??

    Thank you for your replies.
  2. Goldenstar Sands

    Bringing Inventory into Sansar (SL 2.0)??

    I don't know much about Sanar. (SL 2.0) - In fact I'm having trouble finding any information about it at all! But what I've been most interested to hear about is if there will be a way to bring SL inventory into Sansar. or if everything in SL will be left behind. ))):
  3. Goldenstar Sands

    Looking for Asian Mesh Head

    I don't have any heads yet, still looking at my options. So far most everything is out of my price range. I'll probably have to wait longer to be able to afford one. However I appreciate everyone's suggestions so far! and if anyone else has any more links and suggestions I'm happy to continue looking at your suggestions!
  4. Goldenstar Sands

    Looking for Asian Mesh Head

    I don't even know really where to start, I just know I can't dump the 20-30 usd that most major heads seem cost. I haven't even upgraded to mesh body, I just wanted to upgrade the head to avoid gross shadows without a facelight...
  5. Goldenstar Sands

    Looking for Asian Mesh Head

    Looking for a good asian mesh head, Ideally less then 2k. Ideally looking for smaller puckered lips.
  6. Goldenstar Sands

    Looking for Naga Avi (Lamia)

    I am aware of the :5j:Lamia Tail but I'm trying to keep my options open. Looking for a large naga tail, preferably one with the ability to coil people! Open to suggestions!
  7. Goldenstar Sands

    Experienced Roleplayer Seeking Fantasy RP Sim

    Hello! I have been back on SL now for a few months after taking a 4 year Hiatus and I have been wanting to get back into Roleplaying on SL! However I have been struggling to find any active communities to join! I am fairly open to a wide range of roleplay and wouldn't mind experimenting outside of Fantasy; however please no Modern, Urban or slice of life themes. (Steampunk and futuristic is fine) G, Moderate and Adult Sims are all fine and welcome! Dark and horror sims are even welcomed as well. I've been roleplaying on different platforms for over 12 years! A good chunk of which has been right here on SL! I have history in Merfolk, elven, fae, Pirate, steampunk, cyberpunk, tribal, western, Geisha reenactment, Avatar: The Last Air Bender, legend of Zelda, and a whole lot more! - Ideally I'd like to find a Fantasy sim that includes merfolks and or includes or allows some kind of asian theme. Feel free to post here or poke me in world!
  8. Goldenstar Sands

    Petite Avatars which are the best?

    Which brand is that?
  9. Goldenstar Sands

    Petite Avatars which are the best?

    I've been wanting to go mini for awhile now but I don't know where to begin! Many are rather expensive while others seem to lack support. Anyone have any suggestions? Been thinking of doing a mini fairy or mermaid.
  10. Goldenstar Sands

    How to bring the Avatar Mash into Blender?

    Hello! I have been playing with blender for some time for my sculpted needs but there is still quiet abit I do not understand about it.... it tyou can have more then one object showing at a time to see how well they work together... if I'm rigth (which i think I am er...) I wanted to try and import the avatar mesh into it so i might beable to make a sculpty that fits around a avatar without hmm... guessing it?... does anyone know what i'm talking about? D: but anyways that is my main issue, as there is a small line of sculpties that i ahve wanted to get right but i just cant shape them right for the life of me without a ton of trail and error that i rther not waste valuable building time on...