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  1. Looking for a double sided super basic flat/sheet/plane mesh that is .5 or less prims; if anyone knows where to find one.
  2. lol you know I just found one and it was this exact one! XD thank you so much!
  3. I've been having troubles lately finding active RP Sims that ether have or allow eastern themes as of late. Looking for something that is open to Kami and various other creatures of folklore. (Kitsunes, Jorogumo, Ningyo for example) I have been finding many sims that are heavily based in modern, medieval, or Gorean but many do not allow eastern folklore. I do not mind these sims but I tend to enjoy playing characters from eastern folklore or ascendance. Adult/+18 sims are fine
  4. Current I'm on the hunt to find a decent looking beach house with a lot of deck space for under 50Prims Budget is capped at 1k Been hunting for awhile now but most homes are ether well over 100 prism or lack deck/roof space at all.
  5. A dear friend of mine who owns my land is quitting SL so I am on the hunt for a new rental location. Mainland and skybox rentals are fine. Ideally I am aiming to get the most prims for my limited Budget. I am a low lag friendly builder who just likes to have a lot of prims for projects.
  6. I've been thinking for awhile now that it's time to upgrade to a mesh head. However I have been struggling to find a decent one for an asian woman. Does anyone know of any good ones out there? This is how my current avatar looks. Mian reason I'm wanting to update is due to the harsh lines on the face. (wearing a face light in this pic) https://prnt.sc/osu7f8
  7. I'll ask her for sure! Still looking too btw.
  8. Hello! I am looking to hire someone to make a mesh for me! Looking for a Aquarium display Rack Similar to what you would see in a petstore; Which is basically a fancy bookshelf with several Aquariums on it ether for selling or breeding fish. I'll post a few examples down below. And while I know I can simply put aquariums on a bookshelf I would really like to have a lower prim design. Ideally I'd like the Aquariums to have gravel but no decorations will be needed so it should be a simple design. However what I would like for these Aquariums is Ether the front to not have any glass, or
  9. Looking to setup a really swampy skybox for halloween, but I can't seem to find a good skybox! Anyone have any suggestions?
  10. I've been wanting to setup a spooky swmp skybox for halloween with a haunted japanese house, however I haven't been able to find any run down japanese looking builds. Does anyone know where I might be able to find one?
  11. I don't know much about Sanar. (SL 2.0) - In fact I'm having trouble finding any information about it at all! But what I've been most interested to hear about is if there will be a way to bring SL inventory into Sansar. or if everything in SL will be left behind. ))):
  12. I don't have any heads yet, still looking at my options. So far most everything is out of my price range. I'll probably have to wait longer to be able to afford one. However I appreciate everyone's suggestions so far! and if anyone else has any more links and suggestions I'm happy to continue looking at your suggestions!
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