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  1. But did you know that those ''pepol'' are really nasty and mean
  2. I updated a support card,but i still can't log in.....i need another anser,what to do now
  3. And i dunno what to fo,help me
  4. How can i ever ply second life again.....im going to kill myself if i don't play it...the game is to good,what should i do ?
  5. I need a anser.I had a account as Zixie Aldrin,i play'd second life,and then i was logged out and i couldn't log in,i try't many times but nothing,i cancled that account and now i have another account,now im Zixie Mode,but i even can't log in now,i alway's get a error messege like this: Second life canot be acessed from this computer,now i can't even start playing second life,help me !
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