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  1. All of the mesh items are invisible and show up as having a script error.
  2. I downloaded the Singularity viewer and its working now only problem is I can't see my mesh objects. Is it mesh enabled? or is there a setting somewhere to fix it?
  3. Im gonna try some of the lighter viewers and see if it helps. Right now I'm using the official viewer I never really tried the third party viewers, but never had so many problems until now lol
  4. I done a defrag and cleared some stuff of mine but I still can't log in:( The storms im having today probally don't help the situation either.
  5. I have 2 gigs of RAM on this computer, but my boyfriend wants to download everything he sees lol. He has tons of video, music and pics on here. Maybe I need to talk him into getting rid of some stuff or burning it on disc lol
  6. although I can still log in with my alt. I even took him to some of the popular places. Lagged a bit but did not crash. I could even log out without having to use task manager, oh which is another problem I failed to mention.
  7. I am still not able to stay logged on:( I tested my speed again this time it was 28.11 down and 1.15 up. I was reading the post above and was thinking maybe it could be my computer. I have a HP 620 laptop. I know its not the greatest. It only has a 3.3 3D graphics rating lol, but I have been playing SL on the lowest graphic setting just fine until recently.
  8. Im too busy building new stuff to take the time to delete the crap I don't need lol
  9. Yeah that may be part of the issue. I was able to log in with a newbie alt, so my mains inventory may also be lagging me out. With 6 yrs of a building and buying compulsion it makes sense lol
  10. yes I actually just got done doing that. My download speed is 6.50 and upload is 2.56. Its alot lower than it should be.
  11. I have reinstalled SL and checked for video driver updates, but none were needed. Still can;t stay logged in:(
  12. I have been having issues with SL lately. Not only does it take me almost 5 mins to get logged in, it crashes as soon as I get on, no matter where I try to log in at. It has been doing this a lot the past week or so off and on along with random crashes and lag. It seems to be progressively getting worse. Today I have not been ablt to stay on for longer than a second, not even long enough to move. I have the highest speed cable internet I can get, and im not running wireless. Does anyone know what could be going on or has SL been having problems?
  13. yes I aam having this problem too. SL has been really bad for me for about a week or so though, but today I can't seem to log in anywhere.
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