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  1. Hello! I'll try to keep this brief, but I'm open to any questions to see if it'll work out. I don't bite I've engaged in different stories, and characters. However, I've been getting an itch where I feel like trying out a dragon form to roleplay in. It doesn't help that I'm indulging myself in a dragon rider story either, and I would love to experience the type of relationship with a RP partner. The avatar and character are still in the works, but I'm flexible enough to modify it to fit both of our needs. I've been poking around in Tarinfell, and Mysts of Eyr for sim choices as they assimulate the bonding concept. I'm contemplating making a home there outside of my other RP commitment ;) I'm open to just more private sessions as well. I'm not terribly picky on partners, but I'd like someone versed in RP as well, or they at least know the basic rules. I'm a multi-para roleplayer by habit, but I may engage in one-liners depending on the environment. Feel free to bug me here, or in-game. I'll answer either way. Thanks!
  2. My ability to make my own skins is somewhat lacking at this time so I'm looking to commission a quality texture for the TWI mesh wolf. I should add that I'm looking to get a dog texture bordering on realism than cartoonish, but I'll consider my options if it comes down to it. I'm not terribly picky on artists though so message away! I'm open to negotiating prices, and whatnot. Thanks!
  3. Awww, thank you so much for your kind words! You sound like a very wonderful person. I love Shiba Inus, but unfortunately they're the type of dogs that I wouldn't be able to handle. I still love my Rat Terrier mix even if she can be a pain in the rear at times. I wish you the best with the little rascal arriving your way ^^ I understand that real life comes first since it tends to engulf most of my free time too. I may just be hoping for a good period of time of activity though, but if there ever comes a time it may work out, I guess we'll see! Thank you again, and also thank you for spreading the word. Take care, Kia
  4. Hello! I am a dog looking to get back into the roleplaying scene. I can take on many different breeds, but I usually favor the black lab. I'm capable of becoming a pup, or an adult. I also come with some supplies ahead of time. I'm an experienced rp'er, and I have no problems easing myself into playing as a convincing dog as I try to be. Sometimes I tend to multi-para, and other times it's one-liners depending on how the conversation goes. I'm looking to be a family dog first and foremost, but I'm willing to join any k9 units along with the job. As a family dog, I'm fine with children although I'm not the best around them. Biting is far from what I intend to do. I do fine with other animals, but I apologize ahead of time if the typical jealous dog emerges. Anyway. I'd love to experience a family life along with the aspects of playing fetch, going to the vet (jk), and overall having a dynamic, and fun experience. Interested, or want to ask questions? Feel free to ask here, or my in-game avatar. I tend to miss the PMs on this site :c  (Above) Some picture of a doge with a cool hat B)
  5. Hello! I'm a student getting into programming for a living. While I'm working on other programming languages, I'm kind of motivated to try out LSL as well. I only know a meager amount about LSL in general, but I know enough to change around already-written code. I'd like to write my own from scratch however. I'm not actually sure where to begin though. I'm already googling beginner guides as I type, but any other advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Wuffwuffwufff. On a serious note, hello! I'm Kia. I RP as a quad doge, but I'm looking to get back into gear as one in a community sim of some sort. I was formerly "owned" as one, but it seemed that I'm looking for another owner/family/etc once more. I have some experience on hand as a RP'er in general, and I'll do my best to be active between IRL sessions. I'm not terribly picky about what I'm looking for. I have no qualms towards any fantasy-esque owners/families who prefer not to be human. However, I'm not looking to engage in any adult content. I'm more than content acting as a "realistic" type of dog in RP. I'm good with children and other animals in the household. I also have no interest in being aggressive! I do prefer a community rp sim of some sort, but if you have other ideas, I'm all ears. I'm good with trying any type of jobs, or fun events such as dog shows, police K9 training, etc. I could possibly RP as a puppy in an aforementioned enviroment since I have access to a couple puppy mods, but I could attempt to work on one akin to the breed(s) of the parents (if parents are actively involved). Otherwise, I think an adult dog avatar fits me better? idk Fun Facts: I can play a(n): Shiba Inu, Black Lab, Yellow Lab, Dalmation, German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Corgi, Shiba Inu, or Akita Inu! I'll be sticking to one breed per character. You're more likely to have me as a female, but I could go male for whatever reason.Feel free to name me something other than Kia if you'd like. I actually had my own parents name my irl pets because I couldn't figure out names myself.I come with accessories! I have the Ballistic Vest thingamajig, a kennel, food/water bowls, dog bed, collar w/ leash script, harness, chew toy, tennis ball, bandanna, dog wagon (for something), some kind of "Red Remora wolf carrier" kit, among other things I can't think of atm. I also have animations to actually perform some tricks.I'm a multi-para RP'er so I may take 50 years to actually type, but other times I do one-liners if I'm struggling to emote something intellectual (not). Since, y'know, I'm your average dog and all.I do like to hang out oocly at times, but I'll do my best to balance my OOC and IC life.I'm on during Central time in the U.S. I only speak, and understand English. I'm open for having commands in other languages given I actually learn what is what.I'm not actually one of those scripted prim dogs! Woah :O Not that I have anything against them... // pushes own prim dogs away from view.Feel free to bug me if you want to talk adoption o; I'm on at random times - especially since Thanksgiving is approaching - though I'll try to answer asap. Admittedly, I can be kind of shy and awkward so I'm sorry if I don't say hi first or anything like that. Saved IMs have a risk of being eaten by SL, but so does notecards. Pick your poison. You can respond here too. Up to you folks! (I'm craving a brownie irl now just from writing all of this). Thanks!
  7. Of course I'm a couple months late to the party. :matte-motes-dont-cry:
  8. I'll look into it. I've been itching to animal RP again o:
  9. Hello! I've been eying the Isle of Valesk for awhile, but real life uprooted me from pursuing a character. I think it might be a good opportunity to join again, but motivation would be nice with partner(s) to RP with. However it turns out for you, I wish you luck with your endeavors!
  10. So my photography skills are sub-par, but I'd love to get myself some kind of neat profile picture of the avatar I'm consistently wearing. The catch is that it's a feral animal avatar, but I've only had luck finding those who work with human models for custom photographs. I'm not looking for anything fancy, but it'd be nice to have something pretty looking nonetheless. If you're interested, feel free to IM me in-world at (kia.sierota). Name your prices, and whatnot. We can negotiate from there!
  11. I don't know how big ya are on dogs, but I've been searching for a family (rp) interested in pets. I see you're welcoming even non-humans too so it's something I'll be taking into consideration!
  12. I've been checking out Dead End City, and I like it so far. Except I haven't been there long so my opinion isn't an accurate one yet. I heard about Paradise City, but I don't know much about it.
  13. I kind of want to use a texture where half of it is transparent so the back half is gone completely when I upload to SL. When I do it, you can see through the texture where the mouth is pink and the rest is blue, black or even yellow. It's what i want to avoid - make it completely solid on the parts not connected to transparent legs though it's still allowed to have this hollow inside if you cam around. Hopefully that makes sense. :catembarrassed:
  14. Hello! I've been working on an idea with a premade mesh avatar not made by me. I happen to be texturing it, but somehow this idea may involve the need for "cutting off" parts of it since it's attached together as one. Everything I have to add a transparent background, it's impossible to save in jpg and it needs either png or tga for the transparency to work. However, it makes the mesh see-through and that's a big no-no. How do I fix that if it's possible or are there other ways to remove certain body parts without getting the creator involved?
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