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  1. *blinks and tries to be serious here then falls out on her back laughing* I know so many think this question was a crazy one to ask but come on everyone has to agree it got some good laughing responses. As to my personal thoughts on it...no it is not abuse to rp an opposite sex that what you are in rl. It has been happening for as long as there has been chat rooms on the internet. For one reason or another, and to agree with Eternus, it should not matter unless that relationship found in virtual space is going to be moved to rl. THEN it becomes something that drastically needs to be discussed for the sake and sanity (and safety) of both parties involved. I myself have two male characters that I get on sometimes in world and run around goofing off on, have they been romantically involved, in virtual space yes, crossing to real life no. If I thought at all that other person was getting "overly" attached I would seperate from them and explain why..sometimes it went badly other times the person appreciated that I seperated before it grew any further for them. I also have two female characters, and I am the same with them as I am the male avis. It is not abuse to play the opposite sex the abuse comes when you allow things to progress to far to fix without telling the other person the truth.
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