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  1. OK, agree, when I posted I hadn't looked at the Linden status report. "We have finished updating main grid regions with a fix which should reduce incidence of teleport disconnects. ". Mind you, 'reduce' is not the same as 'eliminate' which is the solution I would prefer. Looks like the band-aid solution. Hopefully they've now added logging to the process so that when it happens again they can identify and fix it faster
  2. My only concern is that if the problem has been masked by debug code rather than fixed then it is there to come back and bite us some time in the future. As someone said earlier .. if it's just a band aid then eventually the band aid comes off. Having said that, i would agree with you. I suspect that the lindens have run a risk analysis and estimated that the solution would cost more than living with the fault.
  3. My interest in this is .. I started sailing with friends and found it fun but .. marred by the sim crossing issue particularly last week. I have been reading in this forum because my day job involves to some degree multi processor communications and I can appreciate that it looks like the thing is a nasty issue to fix. From what I can tell it's a random failure .. the worst kind because it's the most difficult to reproduce. The only way is to instrument the issue but that has its own problems.. namely by changing timings and seemingly fixing the issue. So that was why i asked the question .. d
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