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  1. Selling my Full Region - Estate, Isle of Fairhaven Since Real Life has taken over for the unforeseen future I have decided to sell my island and close my in-world store for now because I can't devote the time to it that I would like. Selling the full 15,000 prim region, tier paid through December 3, 2016 US$300, I will pay the US$100 Linden transfer fee. No items are included and will have the region cleared when we start processing the transfer. Island located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle%20of%20Fairhaven/26/211/25 Thanks, Carmella Ruby
  2. What do you do if you get flagged for keywords (which for the life of me are a mystery, I am about to not have any on there) so I fix keywords and then get flagged for unlisting and then relisting an item, which I never unlisted anything LL did that for me, and thing is it was only 2 of 4 items that were unlisted, I fixed the keywords on the other 2 and updated the listing.
  3. Have seen one skin with it painted on in SL and yes it looked weird and then you were stuck with it, even if you wanted to have one attached after that the flat painted on one would still be there ( and it looked more like a tounge than what it was supposed to be, and don't get nasty with that).
  4. Well there needs to be more in my opinion Middle aged? how about this? Or this?
  5. Most realistic looking skins under 1000L was the question? Well RUBY Skins (that would be my store) sells all our skin/shape combos for L$800 and carries a balanced inventory of men's and ladies skins, unique in they are all ages young to old fully textured head to toe each one unique again and realistic (truely realistic) not only the skin but shape as well. Just a couple of examples Carmella Ruby
  6. Today my emails for sales confirmations began coming in in French, seems this happened before, is anyone else having this issue (unless you want it in French)?
  7. Well it is a bit different as has been said, I personally have a graphics background and the last time I tried to change out somebodies skin in RL I got in trouble But I do love what I do in SL, I love creating something new and different but do wish the SL Avatar shape was a bit more customizable, not everyone wants to be Ken and Barbie. I guess that is the passion I have in SL, to have the skins with wrinkles, cellulite and even the occasional zit, now if they would let bellies jiggle like the boobies I would be happy Carmella Ruby - RUBY Skins
  8. Well, I am one who looks at feet too, but I don't buy skins anymore check out the feet on my Leah skin (well I think all of Leah is pretty sweet, but I may be biased) just check my picks in my profile for a link to the store, free demos are there. Carmella Ruby - (Hmm I guess I need a new AV pick for the updated forums)
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