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  1. I think my bald problem is because I am at the end of my allowed prims. I don't remember how many are allowed or where I can check for the count of prims.
  2. Sorry Irene, I have been off SL for years and just came back with the Premium Linden program. There is much I don't know and Changing Room is one.
  3. Hi Irene, I have one of the new program Linden free small parcels with small house for Premiums. There are lots of rules about rezzing and you cannot have very much on the property. Thank you for the suggestion about the IM.
  4. I got a note that offered teleport to "Private Changing Area".  It must be a misprint.  Does anyone know where these changing areas are.  My home parcel does not allow rezzing of some items.  I am bald at this time.   Vssion
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