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  1. okay thanks for those that understood what was really going on. I've wasted too much time dealing with a crazy person. I'm out. Those who don't understand the real point.perhaps someday you will have your own stalker and finally understand.
  2. wow. its nice many hide behind the keys. And that a friend speaking up now is a sock puppet, that's insulting. So anyone who has friends ever back them up they're all sock puppets. I only met one person who ever used that word religiously. That this has turned into a debate when the base of this is i was stalked, for 5 months and probably longer in the future. EVERYONE who saw this posting sees all this was way a way to look for new ways to GRIEF & HARASS a person. The comments ARE making light of it making it seem like its okay. I don't need a mouthpiece but i do have friends. Nala is my real life partner and partner of my feral cat rescue which my store helps pay for, so the insults about them is rude since how many of these stores back a real life cause. I am floored at the level of how this changed and twisted when all it was is stalking and harassment. NOTHING and NOBODY should ever be allowed to do that, nor should so many so called enlightened people be okay through this whole post allowing it. I didn't know i was supposed to hide my gender, sorry but I'm not like others that hide anything about my real life self. I just see a bunch of bullies on this posting who are making light of a very serious situation.
  3. Those who have never been stalked to this level over something so seriously stupid as a block have no idea and try to make light til it happens to someone they know or to themselves. Theres NOTHING funny about this. Being stalked since someone didnt get their way. There is no right in this stalking a woman and harassing them for months cause they chose NOT TO FIGHT!
  4. Clearly you have never been stalked and if you think this is acceptable behavior being stalked and harassed for 5 months because after hours of verbal abuse think this is ok, you need a reality check. I run a business and its not my job to give everyone their way, to stop my life to create something for them within the space of time they wanted. If a store in real life has someone come in and act as this person did...you really think they will say by all means lets give him his way or would they have a security guard throw them out. Those who run business on sl know what i am speaking of. I'm his therapist its not my job to keep him mentally in check. Clearly only medication and therapy might help that.
  5. My "FRIEND" lives with me and with the level of stupid antics is always telling me "just block them" . i try to work through it before a block. But in this case, as you see the level of harassment, months of stalking over something so simple as being blocked and their complete denial as to how they acted, i appreciate people having my back. Such as the people who informed me of this post. Someday i hope you get to see a level of crazy i have had to deal with because someone thinks they can act however they want and think people have to tolerate it. Those who have been stalked on sl know exactly what its like but for reasons other than refusing to give them a demo is just utterly insane. This guy snowwolf needs mental help and i have reported the level of his stalking and harassment to linden labs. This is furthering the proof and i'm glad he doesnt live in the usa or i think he is sick enough to try to stalk someone in person.
  6. Shakes my head. OY. You started a thread with as you stated, the intent to harass me and "shame" me since I would not do what you wanted. You went insane for months plotting over how to get even with me for not giving you what you wanted and being told no. Then being blocked after 5 hours of insults and more rudeness And good lord, enough of the you did nothing to get blocked. You didn't get your way and you're still lying about how you acted even though the logs show your insults and entitled belligerent behavior. Other people have logs of you as well insulting me months after you didn't get your way. I am not sure who or how you were raised but the world doesn't revolve around what you want. It takes a HELL of a lot for me to block someone! There is no part of this whole thing that you were nice or right. You can't act innocent when your own quotes on this post show you are not a good person or nice person. You're a vindictive manipulative spoiled brat who was seeking help on how to harass someone on the marketplace all cause you got blocked and didn't get a demo. I hope you never get a job at the post office if this is how you act over something so silly as not getting your way. There is no nice way to say this but again i am so beyond tired of your bs...you're INSANE and delusional!
  7. If he hadn't been so rude I would have thought about it, most of my products with the exception of rlv suits i have sim demos of. But you can't fix crazy once it gets rolling.
  8. lol...i'm not the one who has been stalking you for 5 months simply because you didn't get your way. I am not wrong, you are very immature and petulant like a brat who i guess has always gotten what they wanted or then went about bullying & harassing people. For those who have read this poor me i'm so innocent post and she blocked me for no reason bla bla bal...I blocked him for his rudeness, immaturity, harassment, insults and clearly i was right to since you've been STALKING ME since Oct 29th! This dudes been stalking me for 4-5 months now simply for not letting him have a demo due to his rude entitled attitude which shows clearly on this forum. You stated i won't buy your product so i was okay with that. But no, YOU stewed for those months conniving ways to seek revenge for what...not getting what you wanted. Sorry but i'm not your mommy and i don't have to give into whatever you want. You bought the item you said you wouldn't ever buy to ONLY give negative 1 star as you stated you would. Then even lindens saw this was wrong and removed it. What did you do then...you BOUGHT an even more expensive copy version of that SAME item so you could AGAIN leave negative feedback which will again be removed. So who did you hurt? ME? lol. You spent over 5k lindens to play a vindictive game which really makes me see i was right to block you as you have issues! You ranted about me in this group without telling people the truth, you insulted me, my store because i wouldn't give you your way. Dude GROW UP! You msg's my staff crying to them, telling people your pity story about big bad me and how you did NOTHING to get blocked. I don't know whats wrong with you mentally if you're stunted or what, because blocking someone who is harassing and stalking and verbally abusing a person isn't childish, its smart. All this drama about you being blocked for how you acted and what you said in im as well as in public on the sim...SERIOUSLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? GET A LIFE!
  9. Snowwolf why dont you try being honest for once. You came to my sim, postured around being rude and DEMANDING stating EVERY builder gives you demo's and that i have to rez a demo of a product for you, which normally i would have since its sim locked in scripts of our demo products, but no you spent 5 HOURS insulting me in im's and insulting my store. On top of that you then after saying you would never purchase from me, 4-5 months later BOUGHT that product just so you could leave negative feedback. I for one have better things to do than stew over something so small as not getting my way and spend those 4-5 months thinking of a way to be petty & small. To top it off and show how immature you are, you then then BOUGHT that product AGAIN when your ranting feedback was removed by lindens only so you could leave more negative feedback. So you spent over 5k lindens on a product you swore you would never buy since i wouldnt give you a demo, just to be immature and clearly vindictive so i was correct to block you after the 5 hours of you insulting me and yes i still have those logs. WOW just WOW!
  10. tier due 22nd of every month. must be moved and renamed. asking 400 reply to this thread or send me Notecard with offer inworld.
  11. 2 1/8 sims for rent. Can be combined to 1/4 Adult community great for store or business.Sorry no clubs.Contact: subgirl Magic or nala Farspire*** RENTAL RATES *** Type: Full Sim (Private Region) Rating: Adult Area: 8192sq.m. (1/8 sim) Size: 128x64m Prims: 1875 Pricing: L$2800/week or receive a 5% discount for paying 4 weeks at a time http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage%20Fetish/53/47/4
  12. ~~~~Bondage Fetish ~~~~~ Terms of Rent 2/2014 ====================================================== *** RENTAL RATES *** Type: Full Sim (Private Region) Rating: Adult Area: 8192sq.m. (1/8 sim) Size: 128x64m Prims: 1875 Pricing: L$2650/week or receive a 5% discount for paying 4 weeks at a time (L$10070) Type: Full Sim (Private Region) Rating: Adult Area: 4096sq.m. (1/16 sim) Size: 64x64m Prims: 937 Pricing: L$1350/week or receive a 5% discount for paying 4 weeks at a time (L$5130) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage%20Fetish/101/206/23
  13. Looking to buy a homestead. Contact me inworld and i'll get back to you. subgirl Magic
  14. 1/4, 1/8 or 1/16 sim( 1875 prims or 937 prims) On an adult sim with reasonable rates for home or store. Parcels to rent on a newly opened BDSM-themed Private Estate. We have 3 parcels that are 1/8 sim in size and 2 that are 1/16 in size (for skyboxes or small builds) Tenants would have full use of the facilities we maintain on 1/2 the sim. *** RENTAL RATES *** Type: Full Sim (Private Region) Rating: Adult Area: 8192sq.m. (1/4 sim) Size: 128x64m Prims: 3750 Pricing: L$5300/week or receive a 5% discount for paying 4 weeks at a time (L$20140) Type: Full Sim (Private Region) Rating: Adult Area: 8192sq.m. (1/8 sim) Size: 128x64m Prims: 1875 Pricing: L$2650/week or receive a 5% discount for paying 4 weeks at a time (L$10070) Type: Full Sim (Private Region) Rating: Adult Area: 4096sq.m. (1/16 sim) Size: 64x64m Prims: 937 Pricing: L$1350/week or receive a 5% discount for paying 4 weeks at a time (L$5130) Drop by to have a look! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage%20Fetish/117/146/23
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