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  1. Actually most of LL servers are located in Phoenix & Tucson, AZ where the risk of natural disasters are the lowest in the US and technology corridor has cheap rents. Beyond that Seattle is actually on point with SF cost of living prices. And to the outside SF comment, 90% of the East Bay is right up there with SF prices. You actually have to live 70+ miles or more away to see a significant price drop. This is still the highest rents in the US in general just cause your address has CA in it... Basically if your zip code starts with a "9" you are going to PAY FOR IT! As to the OP, as you can tell I live in the US. I have lived in CA for a significant part of my life and I have also lived in 10 other states too. CA is the worst. Companies based there are throwing money away for just an address. As a content creator of over 10 years now, I have to say back in 2011 - 2014 I actually made a very nice profit from this on a monthly basis. Since then I took a hiatus and I have been back for over a year now. My sales are relatively the same as my 2011 levels in L$ amount, however this isn't indicative of sales volume as that is way down. It's just that my prices had to come up a bit for the extended costs of creating MESH (import costs aren't the standard L$ 10 of a texture) and 1 texture doesn't always make the outfit what it will be. Most outfits I created in 2010 cost about L$ 150 - L$ 250 at the high end. Now with MESH (especially fitted) it's more like 10x that amount if you want to design for ALL the top end bodies. Back in 2010 I could sell 1 - 3 outfits and that would cover costs and profits/reinvestment funds would start from there. Now I need to sell 12 - 16 copies just to make my money invested back and that doesn't include time or software. Take all this and the added fees that they imposed in August/Sept cleverly hidden as a "Land Fee Reduction" BS... Now add the new fees they are imposing next week, and it tells me coming back was a mistake. This "game" is in its death throws and LL's fall back plan (Sansar) is a non-starter from the word go. I will continue to create only cause I appreciate my art more than I do $ and I actually make a comfortable living as a Network Engineer, but as for those that counted on this platform for an actual income, those days are past.
  2. I do custom works. Contact me in world via a notecard and I will get back to you. In the mean time stop by my store and see if there are any shades you are looking for specifically. Furthermore I do tan lines and other requests on skin layers. Turn around can take a bit and you will have to be proactive in approving your project as I am not happy till you are. Just look up J. Serrao... you'll find my store(s).
  3. This has to be my fav Jeans Mini
  4. See this is what I was thinking too. As a network admin I see thins stuff all the time, but more so with mail exchange servers and file storage. I have been devising a plan at work to put a time limit on dormant/deleted employee accounts and to offload them onto a back up and then remove them from the system. This got me to thinking about SL and groups with "dead bodies." Now my group isn't all that big yet with just over 325, I don't see it being an issue ATM. But there are groups I belong to that are update groups that have 4K+ and that has me thinking about chat lag, notice lag, and general accountability to being truthful in advertising. I don't brag or use my update groups member count as a way to bolster sales, its just there to inform and educate people who like me/my stuff. So I will have to gradually figure out what it is I want to do and see where my group goes. I was thinking hit 1K then do a cleaning. Followed by a cleaning for every 1K hit. But I don't want to seem rude to those who may just have Internet issues and are just waiting to get back on some day. So what is the length of "decomposition" I should wait for before calling in the cadaver dogs, lol?
  5. Ok after looking through MY groups, I have noticed that there are some that haven't logged in in over a year. About how long, if at all, should you clear out these no longer active SL members from your groups? This is just a opinion poll really, as I don't see it being necessary, but it could help balance out who I target with new information and ideas.
  6. The problem with this is not everything I sell is prim. So if i do a full outfit I am screwed if I don't have a prim skirt or other item in there. Skins and shapes I sell aren't a concern as these are NON Trans so I will replace them all day long if they like.
  7. Y@Y IT WORKS! Final test subject to me show details 12:11 AM (0 minutes ago) Object-Name: Final test subject Region: Centerport Beach (183552, 246272) Local-Position: (172, 193, 27) Jae Serrao rezzed their purchase Final test subject This was my email! So I got an IM my COO got her IM and I GOT AN EMAIL! Sweet... Thank you all so much
  8. OMG thank you so much....! This was driving me NUTZ! Finished now to see how it works
  9. Ok need a bit more help... llEmail("MYPRIVATE@gmail.com", llKey2Name(llGetOwner()) + " rezzed your object " + llGetObjectName()); What is wrong with this the error is said to be inbetween the last 2 "))" "Function call mismatches type or number of arguments" that is the error I get...
  10. I like this much better... TY so much. This does make more sense. When they rez my box it returns that XX USER rez box named XXXBB makes it even easier. This will help me lots and if customers don't know its even in there then why would they try to obscure this by rezing in No-Script lands. Furthermore I could have the script destroy/delete itself after message is sent so that way its never even seen as being in the box. As for when people shop in my main store I have it so my vendors deliver a folder with contents rather then a box so I don't have the useless waste of people trying to rez objects on my land. This problem is only for when I sell via Marketplace or Meta-Life from satellite/mall stores. Thanks everyone for the help.
  11. Please do.... will be on shortly
  12. Ok so I have been having a few new customers trying to pull this "I didn't get my delivery" scam so they can give my transferable items to their friends. Yes I actually caught one and banned her for doing it from my store.  So I was thinking cause when they do this it's either via Meta-Life or MPSL.  So I was wondering if anyone would be willing to write an unpack script with a back end delivery conformation that tells me a box has been unpacked via a private message or email.  Is this possible?  If some one can come up with this I bet they'd make a killing cause noting on Marketplace comes even close.  and I am willing to pay for the work.
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