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  1. Is this opportunity still open?
  2. The sim is very very empty, i'd be interesed in joining but there's nothing really happening at all.
  3. Hey PM me inworld! I would love to make some new friends! I'm also a para-RPer but constantly feeling lost in SL, it's tough making friends here!
  4. Interesting! I don't normally like family RP because it seems ...fake...but with this reason behind it, it brings an interesting twist to it! I'm up to helping out, send me a PM!
  5. Hi! After being on SL for so long, my most common problem is having friends in very different timezones, and so I often never catch them and therefore slowly drift apart. I'm looking to make new friends in SL (: IS there anyone in my timezone? Though I do speak other languages, i'd prefer English if possible. Let's chat!
  6. It used to be my main hobby on SL, but nowadays sim after sim is either empty or filled with afk residents. Is roleplay dying out in SL? It has become harder and harder to find good roleplayers and a solid and well-built roleplay sim. Is it just me?
  7. Hey! I've been on SL forever (heck, back when they had teen sl...) And i'm back after a while. I'm a mesh builder for roleplay items and after so long, many of my friends have gone. I'm looking to make some new ones! Contact me
  8. Hi! I'd love to work for you. 19 from Korea! 7 years veteran of SL
  9. To whom it may concern, Hi, I'm a veteran SL resident of 7 years now, my SL name is Kera and would be glad to fill the position of a model for any shops that are hiring! My skills as a model include: - Different and flexible styles - Understanding of SL mechanics and animations - Being able to modify, resize and adjust clothing to fit my character - Adding a unique look to the outfit provided. - Understanding directions from the photographer or director as it were I am online almost everyday of the week when I can, here are a few pictures to show my avatar! If you'd like to see more, please email me at slkerakera@gmail.com! Or drop me an IM ingame and I will read it when i can! If you are interested, please contact me and we can work out the details, hope to work with you soon!
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