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  1. my MOTHER found my profile and called my CRYING HER EYES OUT because I have an SL dad, she thought I freaking ABANDONED HER why not do the SMART thing and make your clients happy, by taking the 3 minutes it takes some IT guy to add a toggle on/off switch to this feature BY THE WAY my mother is ok now after days of crying, and trying to show her what it really is, you can immagine how hard it is for me to refrain from cursing and othersuch vulgar things on this subject
  2. ohh i see the point in web profiles someone that has a similar name in world as they do in RL or on some other web profiles, their mom or someone like their boss can look them up, see the same username for this game, and see all the little kinks and such that the person is into, all the little secrets they wanted to keep sepperate and in SL, ohhh yes, to all those people who say they keep RL and SL sepperate, youve just been FORCED to share your SL with the net the LEAST you LL people can do is make it OPTIONAL!!!
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