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  1. This actually sounds a bit Brutal Legend-esque, and if so, that's a pretty badass idea. I may or may not be interested in something like that.
  2. I must say, reading through this story, I've always been affected by my avatar(s) in that sort of way as well. I'm a bit of an obsessive collector, so perhaps that says something about my eagerness to collect different viewpoints and experiences out of a drive to understand others better. More recently however, as in i the past couple of years, I've taken to using lots of smaller, cuter avatars instead of average-sized or overly imposing ones. I find it easier to remain off-the-radar when I need time to myself, the only people who approach me without knowing me being those who are drawn to such adorable creatures. At the same time, it allows my strong personality some more room to push, my appearance not adding onto it to overwhelm another when I do decide to interact. What's more, dressing in a small suit or similar has made me want to approach things from a more gentlemanly angle instead of speaking before I think. It's all been a wonderful exercise for my mind in being a more agreeable person.
  3. To understand how attachment points work with mesh items, you must understand how mesh items work on a basic level. The two basic types are rigged and unrigged, and while there are subtypes, those are not important to know for what you're trying to do. The idea is, that when you attach a rigged item, it will always attach to the same part(s) of the body, because it is rigged. Rigging is basically adding extra data to a mesh item before upload that tells it how to fit on the SL body, and how to move with it. Rigging cannot be disabled; if you wanted an unrigged version, you'd have to ask the creator to upload an unrigged one if they haven't already. Unrigged items are simply that - not rigged. They did not have that extra data added to them before upload, so they don't know where on the body to snap to when you attach them, and they do not bend at all. For these items, they need to be told where on the body to anchor to, via attachment points. All non-mesh objects work like this as well. Long story short, no matter where you attach a rigged item, it will always go where the rigging tells it. If it changes position whenever you attach it to a different spot, then it's not rigged. I may have been a bit redundant, but it's all in the name of clarity.
  4. livingtrue wrote: I just joined SL today, and I'm very confused! I think this thread relates to the issue I'm having. I don't mind spending a bit of money to see if I can get into SL, but I can't find anything that actually works. How do I find items to purchase that work with the new models? The newer avatars are practically worthless. If you really want to get into SL, the first thing to do would be to learn about the different types of avatars, and the benefits/drawbacks of each. You can get literally any look you're going for, but not without either effort or money. I'd be more than glad to help explain if you IM me inworld.
  5. OnLive's service is actually fairly robust. Not only do they have extremely powerful servers that are able to render some wonderful high-end graphics, but the networking technology they use in the client software, as well as the speed of the connections they make are simply excellent. You'll only get about as much delay as you do ping to their servers. The problem comes from what Pussycat mentioned - mainly the fact that everything you're doing isn't on YOUR machine. Anything you're doing, you have to trust that the employees of said service won't look at. Call me crazy, but an extra investment in a system that can run any viewer I want, along with the added benefit that nobody will be able to tuly see what I'm doing besides myself and the others around me is more than worth it. Besides, I already pay for a premium membership, so paying a bit more just to have a slightly higher framerate really isn't worth it to me.
  6. It's a shame you have to pay for it either hourly or monthly, and that doesn't include premium benefits at all. On top of that, you get no choice of viewer, so I'd imagine RLV functions are right out as well. For the amount of money you put into this, you could just save up to build a better PC, really. If mobile isn't your worry, just do that. Even if mobile is your thing, if you have an Android, Lumiya is an excellent viewer, provided you have a phone/tablet that isn't 5 or more years old.
  7. For the short scan I made through that overbearingly satirical post, I laughed more than enough than I should at any post in this forum; that is to say, I actually laughed, and didn't just grin. Excellent job.
  8. I tend to drive around the mainland a good bit, even have myself a nice big roadside and waterside parcel in Hachiman, and I must say I see a few people driving by occasionally. The railways are a different story, since a lot of people genuinely don't know how they work, and getting a good train to use on them isn't necessarily the easiest task. On top of that, scripting something like a boat aor a car is much easier, so the market is more flooded with such. It is still good fun when it can be done, though.
  9. I don't know what's happeneing in this thread anymore, but I kind of sympathize with the OP. I used to be like that, it just takes some very social friends to pull you out of it. Nowadays I find I'm the very social one that brings everyone together - in my group, at least. Basically, if you want to hang out with some very open and carefree dudes (and dudettes, I like to hang out with any level-headed person regardless of gender) go ahead and IM me inworld. Just be prepared for some very varied points of view and likes/dislikes. As long as you're calm, you'll be fine.
  10. Profiles that open in extern webbrowsers only? Hmm, that kind of sucks to be honest. I see SL as a game still, meaning I rather want to do everyting in the viewer itself, without having to ALT-TAB constantly. Not only do the profiles load in the client but you can have multiple profiles open at once. However, you cannot drag and drop inventory items on these new web page profiles. Y'know, the old way in viewer 1.23 was the best, since you could open as many as needed and still drag and drop items into them. Honestly, the whole UI in viewer 2 is just screwed, and that's why I use Phoenix.
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