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  1. My partner got a traditonal home in Holton Center during this last release.
  2. I saw 2 , missed both of those... 3rd time was a charm though !!! Got my house about 35 minutes ago, finally...
  3. They have been all gone withing seconds of the release. I just hope they will surprise us and release more today. I also am not even sure why I am so insistent on getting the new home...I have land that I dont plan on giving up, yet I login M-W-F just to try to get a new one lol
  4. I have watched it for that very reason. I havent seen that happen, but I have pretty fast internet.
  5. Same here lol Also it was nice to meet you in-world the other day
  6. Nothing here so far... I have had auto-refresh going for 4 hours now
  7. I keep seeing them too and am unable to click fast enough i guess... plus i had to turn the sound off i cant get the alert sound to stop...its driving me insane lol
  8. please tell me i didnt just miss the release??? I went to grab some food and came back with it on my screen, but it wqas already taken
  9. I hope we didnt miss todays release and are refreshing for no reason LOL
  10. How do I turn on auto refresh, or even find out if I have that option?
  11. Do we just refresh the selection page with the drop down that gives you choices, like Meadowbrook ? And then check the drop down for Bellisseria?
  12. Oh, WOW !!! It's going to take forever to get one of those new homes Thanks for replying...now I don't have to sit here refreshing the page anymore lol
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