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  1. I have no idea what the hell you're talking about but it's not reality. I'm entitled to respond to things said directly to me whether you changed your mind afterwards. People are entitled to reply to things directed at them. And I've had enough of your silly "gotcha-ism". It's a discussion not a competition and frankly you come across as highly aggressive, condescending and simply looking for a fight. You're not good at this human interaction thing are you?
  2. I've no idea what you're talking about, again, still. I formed my impression of your tone and about you from reading your words that you typed and not because of some third party's comments about your comments. I don't know how to make it simpler.
  3. I can form my own opinions just fine and did so before I read the post you seem to think influenced me.
  4. My first skin was alady too! I think I still have it in my inventory. I got stuck in the tutorial when I couldn't achieve the flying part. I logged out hoping I'd be somewhere else when I logged back in. No such luck. I tried to find pages on the web to see if there was any help for it and I was super fortunate to end up on the very pink blog of a mermaid hair-merchant; I found a SLURL to Free Dove and was pleasantly surprised when I clicked it and it opened my viewer and when I logged in I saw I had escaped the stupid tutorial.
  5. "No doubt that soon after that many may want to dress their avatar better, and many may not. But it's not first thing, imo. Getting around and talking must be the first things, " I don't understand what you're saying here with absolutes like "getting around and talking must be the first things" if you're not excluding the possibility that any people at all have a desire to change their avatars before they have finished being engaged with the novelty of moving around and chatting to people. . If that's not what you mean, then I don't know what you mean. Because it's not like it's so hard to learn to use movement keys, click links and type into chat boxes that a person couldn't join up, log in, figure that out, and be ready to dress their avatar still on their first log in. So if you don't mean everyone must be too interested in moving about, chatting and navigating and are rejecting the premise that anyone would consider changing their avatars the first priority, and it seems unlikely you mean the learning curve is so steep trying to learn to use movement arrows, click links and type into a chat box would take so long you wouldn't be a new user by the time you were able to do these things well enough to even be able to get to a clothes store, then I don't get what you could possibly mean by "must be the first things". That's very absolute language and if you're not using it to insist that all people must prefer to do these things first, since you're probably not implying the learning curve is so steep it's impossible to know enough to find a shop until you're past being new, I can't imagine what you meant by it. I took it to mean the first. I don't see why you feel a need to get snarky because I responded to what you had said in a reply to me up to the point of you making that reply. That you changed your mind later isn't my responsibility. Why wouldn't I reply to the reply to my post right there on the page where I encounter it? I've no idea what this thread is about and at the risk of being accused of making things up and criticizing you for them, I'm not even going to attempt to guess anyore.
  6. You're factually wrong. You've saying that's not what new users do and announced that you don't accept that new users do this. But I did that when I was new so provably it's not something that doesn't happen. It happened at least once already, case closed. I have no idea why you think pointing to yourself changes that. No number of users who do not do this cancels out or disappears a single user who does. You can't prove no swans are white by holding up a single black swan or any number of black swans but all it takes to prove "there are no white swans" is factually wrong is a single white swan. Question 1 - No because while not all go for a look that indicates that they'd envy my wardrobe or even find my tastes in clothes palatable, they nearly all express a desire to not be so obviously stand out "new". You get a choice from a library and new users have often indicated they expect older users will recognize they're using library avatars. I know I thought everyone would know as soon as they saw me. Also, I've shown people around with a broken avatar when I had a borked alpha layer stuck for a while so... As far as I can tell lots of many users immediately want to "set up their avatar" (change it from default appearance and make it their's) because to many people this is the obvious first thing you do before you can fully use the service properly. I also don't think this is particularly relevant for their priorties because my avatar isn't more than average in terms of being an "attractive" female avatar. If it makes people feel this way then so will tping around the grid, chatting to a significant chunk of the avatars they encounter around the grid, or dancing next to most avatars I've ever seen in a club. So they're priorities are going to be the same as soon as they do any of the things you consider "full" and "proper" use. Question 2 - I can only speak for myself. I asked a couple of male avatars a couple of things a few times but gave up on asking them about clothes because they kind of seemed to know less than I did - one literally couldn't see what was wrong with my shoes (I had one sculpty shoe on and one sculpty shoe off with the foot shaper on the bare foot and none on the foot with the sculpty-shoe) and he said nothing - they were perfect, looked great. They didn't look great, they really really didn't. It wouldn't suprise me if a lot oft women would expect someone dressed as a woman would be the better place to get information about dressing as a woman in SL and I know at least some men think they're better people to ask about dressing a male avatar too. Which doesn't change the fact that it happened to me and my avatar looked like crap at the time - it was wearing a pink dress with polka dots but not a nice pink. So I don't think I was acting under the hypnotic sway of my own avatar's attractiveness. It's just that part of using SL properly and fully for me is dressing my avatar how I want it.
  7. Phil Deakins wrote: So I accept that, for some people, SL does have quite a steep initial learning curve, but it is by choice and not out of necessity. I think I'm right in saying that the most suggested reason for steepness is the desire to make the avatar look good, and it's multiple females who have cited it in this thread. In the other thread, a number of females described why they came to SL, and that they pretty much already knew that they wanted to prettify their avatars. So, to sum this post, it appears that many female avatars have a steep(ish) initial learning curve because they want to prettify their avatars pretty much straight away. It's a choice they make, but it's not something that is necessary in order to use SL to the full. . Using SL at all is a choice not a necessity. You are presupposing that some use of SL is "proper" and "full" and that anything more than exceeeds what is proper and full use and is mere unnecessary choice entirely excluding many peoples' entire point and purpose for using SL at all as being "proper" use. It's like saying that if you can access the grocery store you have full and proper use of the entire mall even if the only store you need to access is the book store and thats the whole and only reason you got in your car and drove there. And when it comes down to it the set of "full" and "proper" you've construced is by no means an objective set of the purely necessary. I mean dancing? Really? Somehow controlling your physical in-world appearance and only in-world representation in a visual platform is not part of proper and full use but animating your avatar with a dance is? Talk about arbitrary. It's entirely possible to use SL for years without ever dancing once. So why is that part of "proper" and "full" use while being able to control what your avatar looks like isn't despite the fact that a primary use of SL among many users is for playing virtual dress up dolls? Both boil down to what is visible when your avatar is viewed by you or others, but one is "proper" and "full" use essentials and the other is mere unnecessary choice? I think by "full" and "proper" you just mean "the things that mattered to me personally when I started, not all that other needless fluff other people mistakeningly think is indispensible to their use of Secondlife".
  8. You're factually wrong and I can say this from personal experience because (confession time) I was once a new user, and I'm telling you explicitly that this is how it was with me. That's a fact and I personally don't think facts should give way for unverified opinions no matter how fine the naval the opiner was gazing at when they formed their opinion. Many people don't want to talk or chat or go places and be seen, much less go dancing, while they are wearing a clunky newbie avatar that screams "I'm a noob everyone!" Many people want to immediately change their avatars because they have no intention whatsoever of chatting or exploring in a newbie avatar. In all my years of using SL I've shown many new users around, precisely none of them didn't ask after gear for their avatar. In fact I don't think this has ever not been the first thing I've been asked about when I was helping a new user including people who had logged in for the first time. I won't say I don't accept that other people feel differently because that would just be silly. Not everyone is like me and the notion that I could know that's something that doesn't happen and just isn't a thing is really just kind of bonkers. Where would I get that information? My belly button?
  9. Just to be clear on the one hand - it makes no sense to you that the things you consider the necessities are hard to learn and you can't fathom that someone has trouble pushing the arrow key or typing on their keyboard. It's easy to agree with that position. On the other hand - you're sure this is the set of things people mean when they say "SL has a steep learning curve", but if both these things are true then that means these people are smart enough to easily create an account, find the arrow keys, type on their keyboard but too stupid to realize how easy they found it. I find that impossible to agree with; actually it's just plain ludicrous.
  10. New users commonly want to dress their avatar up immediately and start buying with the assumption that it's relatively simple - see shoes - like shoes, pay for shoes, wear shoes, whereas SLINK compatable shoes are everywhere and beat the pants off classic avatar feet or shoes that come with feet in them. So in many cases users who are a few days old want these feet before they even know they exist because they already bought shoes for them having had no idea how complicated it was. When they find out they need these add on feet to wear their add on shoes, many specifically comment about what a steep learning curve SL has. So the problem isn't that people can't identify how steep their learning curve but rather that you're wrong about how new users use SL. Some wear the starter avatar for 7 years but many change it up within an hour of logging for the first time and for those kind of people, nice shoes are often high on their "must do right now" list.
  11. I honestly don't see anything dangerous about it. If there are these huge events out there that don't have fees published anywhere and which none of the merchants will talk about the fees they pay to participate in, like it's some state secret, it really makes no difference to anyone what speculation is made as to why it's private. I don't personally know of any events like that but clearly if they're as huge and common and therefore obviously successful as the person I was responding to proposes, everyone involved is happy with the super secret hush hush arrangement and the rest of us can speculate on these alleged events until the cows come home with no further effect than having passed the time of day.
  12. Here is an application form to one of these big commercial events I guess some events don't need more merchants and are over booked in which case they've probably no good reason to share information about their business model with events that do have room to accept applicants. Also, it's very possible they're charging differrent merchants different rates for various reasons and it might be prudent to be discrete about that. It makes a lot of sense that if X merchant always increases attendence at an event that you'd encourage them to participate and consider any discount you give to get them there to be an advertising cost.
  13. Isn't it the advert title that needs to be changed? Did you change the title from the marketplace in your browser or did you change the folder name in the merchant listings in your viewer? I think you need to do the first thing but if that didn't work then try the second one instead.
  14. In years of working with content licensed for redistribution I have encountered a clause in the license forbidding copy permission for the next owner exactly 0 times. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but it certainly isn't common.
  15. I would add,also try changing sizes. For instance if you're a small when wearing a certain mesh with your classic body, you may need a medium with a mesh body. I find that is often the case with my SLINK body.
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