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  1. Im still useing old school avatar. Looks good. But I see more and more mesh out there. my comptuter and viewer is good enough for mesh. Which brings up my question. Any advice on which mesh? Who makes the best mesh avatars (esp for adult related sims?) Thanks
  2. pretty much what I did before I posted, I cannot figure out what it is.
  3. yes I did try compatability mode, should have mentioned that. did not work
  4. It may have been addressed but I dont see the solution. I recently upgraded my laptop to win 8 now sl wont work. Ive tried SL, firestorm, and katzip. first two give me a crash report right after opening it to run. Ive upgraded my drivers, I run a hp with a radeon 5560 I douse the start 8 thing as well. something I am missing?
  5. I am making another group in SL but when I look at the pull downs it shows only general and moderate. Its an adult group. How do I add adult to it so it will search correctly? Thanks.
  6. Thanks Ixia for yoru solution! It works great.
  7. DocMstr Moorlord


    Does anyone make a door thats normally impassable (ie non openable) unless they have either RLV ability or a relay? Regular locking wont do what I need. I need to help make sure those in my sim are properly equpiped lol... Thanks.
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