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  1. Thanks very much for getting back to me - I've got round it by designing something without sleeves at the moment, so I don't have a screenshot to share unfortunately. I'll repost here with a screenshot when I get to facing my mesh sleeve demons again (which should be relatively soon as I'm on a creative kick). Scaling up sounds like a plan too, I didn't think of that!
  2. Ok, I know this is probably the most basic of questions but can anyone shed some light on how to go about making sleeves for mesh clothing in Blender? I've been following Gaia Clary's tutorials, which are great, but when I try to make sleeves for any type of clothing it all goes wrong. I shrinkwrap to the arms after extruding, but it doesn't wrap in the same way as it does when I apply this method to the avatar torso/skirt. Sometimes it would attempt to wrap to the upper body too, which was even messier. I've tried everything I can think of logically to do, but can't figure it out. Please help! :) I'm using Avastar 1.0-873 (the latest version) and Blender 2.68a.
  3. They say it's complete on their end, but not complete on Paypal's end. Guess it's just a case of wait til Friday, then call Paypal and hopefully that'll sort it.
  4. I have input my details on the Paypal page, confirmed the transaction and received an email saying the Lindens had sold. Does it usually take a while to get to Paypal even if the order has been processed/appears as 'Closed'?
  5. It says: Funds available for credit processing: USD 0.00 In my transaction history: (blanked out for security, but can promise it's more than 0.00 dollars worth) (closed in the past 30 days) Order Id 22933475 Order Type Market Sell Quantity Ordered --- Quantity Filled ---- Limit Rate Time Opened 2011-03-14 12:48:16 Time Closed 2011-03-14 12:48:16 Closure Method Fill Gross US$/Net US$: ---- I used Paypal as the option to process the credit after selling my Lindens. Does this mean it will credit Paypal directly? I know XStreet used to credit USD which would then be sent to Paypal, but this whole Lindex thing has really got me confused. I went with LL because I thought they wouldn't cause too much hassle... Hope this makes sense. Thanks, Anabella
  6. I cashed out on Monday using LindeX for the first time. I've searched the forums and am aware that it can take up to 5 days for LL to process it. The only worrying thing is that people still waiting for Paypal to be credited have transactions shown as 'In Progress' in their transactions history. My Market Sell order is apparently closed & filled (has been since Tuesday) but Paypal still hasn't been credited. Has this happened to anyone else? Should I be concerned? Thanks :) Anabella
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