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  1. Well, never my intention to upsetting anyone, since I also will never experience spring romance in real. Last time I explored SL, so many places offering spring scene/theme and I've seen couples dancing or cuddling. So I'm curious, what make spring so different? How a season can influence someone feeling? (How cruel I am, never thought that winter cold can be very romantic with sitting in front of fireplace, sharing a blanket, eyes very close to each other...........living in equator make me missed that poin cos seems we always in heat in here)
  2. Finally we are in spring, warmer weather, flower blooms and the earth seems growing. In SL you can see so many sims in spring theme, make your heart light and happy. And in this beautiful scene, have you ever experiences spring romance? how is it? is it growing like the real spring or it is end like a fling? Share your thought and experiences, please. I'm doing it for a survey on an article about SL. Thank you so much
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