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  1. I have found one group displaying the flag of a RL terrorist group and another suspicious group with dubious & suspic info on their group profile. How is SL prepared to handle these situations?
  2. Oh yes as another person said... it could also be in a catalogue vendor. Hard to say without knowing what you bought but you would essentially be granting rights to take or give money to you. One group I belong to has home shopping catalogues (I dont have one tho) But with the affiliate ... someone purchases hair from an affiliate vendor I have (and granted rights to)... the vendor with rights takes the entire amount back from me for that purchase and then does a turnaround transaction and pays me the percentage they owe me.
  3. usually an orange pop up grants the owner of an affiliate package the right to take and give money to you when someone purchases from the vendor. This should never be in a product you bought for your personal use. Sounds fishiy to me. If you paid a substantial amount of money I would request my money back and just tell them it is not what you wanted..
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